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Media Literacy Crossword Puzzle

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Media Literacy

The Language of Persuasion

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Across Down
5 This technique tries to persuade us to buy a product by promising to give us something else, like a discount, a rebate, a coupon, or a 'free gift.'
8 Persuaders sometimes draw huge conclusions on the basis of a few small facts. It works by ignoring complexity.
9 Video recorded for earlier newscasts about the same or a similar subject; may be several days to several years old.
11 Life is complicated. People are complex. Problems often have many causes, and they're not easy to solve. These realities create anxiety for many of us.
13 Violence that serves no purpose for a story's plot- it is simply included in a television show for the sake of violence itself.
14 The money that television broadcasters make from selling advertising time during their programs. This money is the primary source of income for television broadcasters.
16 The efforts by television outlets to reach a specific demographic or psychographic group.
19 Sometimes a media message is persuasive not because of what it says, but because of when it's delivered.
20 Violence that serves a role in a story's plot.
21 A large business corporation that owns a variety of different types of companies.
24 This is a particular application of the Expert technique. It uses the paraphernalia of science to 'prove' something.
29 Many ads use _______ because it grabs our attention and it's a powerful persuasion technique.
30 Builds up an illogical or deliberately damaged idea and presents it as something that one's opponent supports or represents.
31 Coordinated interaction between two or more organizations, designed to create a combined effect that is greater than the results those organizations could have each has on its own.
32 Words or images that bring to mind some larger concept, usually one with strong emotional content such as home, family, nation, religion, gender, or lifestyle.
1 A slang expression or a television news anchorperson. The expression comes from the fact that we see little on the screen except the anchorperson's head as he or she reads the news to us.
2 This is the opposite of the New technique. Many advertisers invoke a time when life was simpler and quality was supposedly better.
3 Diverts our attention from a problem or issue by raising a separate issue, usually where one persuader has a better has a better chance of convincing us.
4 These questions are designed to get us to agree with the speaker. First word.
6 Used within an ad or advocacy message, words, sounds or images.
7 The way in which two or more people resolve their disputes. This can be done through negotiation and compromise, or through the use of one or more types of violence.
10 Unproven, exaggerated or outrageous claims are commonly preceded by 'weasel words' such as may, might, can, could, some, many, often, virtually, as many as, or up to.
12 The four (sometimes three) letters assigned by the Federal Communicators Commission to identify a particular broadcast television station.
15 We love _____ things and ___ ideas.
17 Compares one situation with another.
18 Used to escape responsibility for something that is unpopular or controversial.
22 Latin for 'against the man,' Responds to an argument by attacking the opponent instead of addressing the argument itself.
23 Extremely powerful and very common in political speech. Blames a problem on one person, group, race, or religion.
25 Sometimes, persuaders can be effective simply by appearing firm, bold, strong, and confident. This is particularly true in political and advocacy messages.
26 We rely on _______ to advise us about things that we don't know ourselves.
27 Media messages often show people testifying about the value or quality of a product, or endorsing an idea. They can be experts, celebrities, or plain folks.
28 Persuaders love to flatter us, Politicians and advertisers sometimes speak directly to us.
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