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Memorial Day Crossword Puzzle

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Memorial Day

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Across Down
3 Theodore ___________ was a President who also wrote about our armed forces.
5 A war where soldiers fought to defend a country and a people that they did not know.
6 'These endured all and gave all that _____________ among nations might prevail.'
8 Our freedoms are defined in this Declaration.
12 The President who gave the speech at Gettysburg.
1 The writer of our National Anthem was Francis Scott ______
2 More that 200,000 of these people fought as soldiers and sailors in the Civil War.
3 The war that our National Anthem 'The Star Spangled Banner' was written.
4 Walt ___________ was a poet who wrote during the Civil War.
7 'And this be our motto, In ______ we Trust.'
9 During WW11 we fought against the control of these people from Germany.
10 The war during which Abraham Lincoln was President.
11 A symbol for our country.
13 The D Day invasion Beach where an inscription is written at an American Cemetery.
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