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Munford Cell Organelles Crossword Puzzle

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Munford Cell Organelles

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1 A rigid structure that surrounds the cell membrane in prokaryotes, plants, and fungi. It provides support and protection for the cell
3 A series of flattened sacs. This organelle modifies, sorts, and packages molecules produced by the cell
4 Small organelle that digests large molecules into smaller molecules that can be easily used by the cell
5 The thin layer on the surface of all cells. It regulates what enters and leaves the cell. It also provides some protection and support for the cell
6 Sac-like structure that stores materials such as water and waste in plants and some primitive invertebrate animals
7 Organelle that enable algae and plants to convert light into energy through photosynthesis
8 A clear, gel-like substance found between the nucleus and the cell membrane
9 The control center for the cell. It contains nearly all of the cellʼs genetic information
10 The organelle that converts the chemical energy that is stored in food into compounds that are more convenient for the cell to use
2 Cell membranes in the cytoplasm that transport substances made by the cell. Comes in rough and smooth. Rough includes ribosomes. Smooth does not include ribosomes
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