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Plant Root Growth Crossword Puzzle

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Plant Root Growth

              2 3                      
                                  4   5
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Across Down
2 A secondary or branched root off the primary root, responsible for the growth of root hairs
6 A slime that healthy roots secrete that the soil clings to.
7 Modified stem that grow horizontally and form new plants.
8 Profusely branched roots around a plant's base found on all grasses.
9 They take sugar from the plants roots in exchange it feeds water & nutrients back to the plant.
10 Tiny structures found on lateral roots that serve as the major site of water and mineral uptake
11 Beneficial soil bactera that convert atmospheric nitrogen to a form available to plants
14 Enlarged roots that serve as storage organs.
17 Plant vascular tissue that conducts water and minerals from the roots up through the plant
1 Plant vascular tissue that transports glucose from leaves down to the roots
3 The roots that grow on a stolon or a plant cutting.
4 Modified root that spread out and form new plants.
5 Region of cell growth that supports root elongation, found at the root tips just behind the root cap
12 Type of plant that utilize rhizobium bacteria to fix atmospheric nitrogen.
13 A thimble-shaped group of thick-walled cells at the root tip serves to push though soil.
15 The embryonic root
16 Main, downward- growing root with limited branching.
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