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Plants Crossword Puzzle

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Characteristics, Structures and Processes

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Across Down
4 plant structure that anchors the plant and absorbs water and nutrients
5 the vascular tissue that transports water from the roots
7 the green pigment in leaves that absorbs light
9 the process where plants release excess water into the atmosphere
10 the process where plants break down food for energy
11 these plants do not have true roots, stems or leaves
12 the site in the cells of a leaf that conducts photosynthesis
16 the early stage of seed growth
17 the site of photosynthesis, transpiration and respiration
19 produced by a cone bearing or flowering plant
20 the plant structure that hold the leaves up to the light
21 a group of plants that are either monocots or dicots
22 mosses and ferns reproduce through these tiny particles
1 a complex group of plants that has true roots,stems and leaves
2 a period of time where a seed is inactive
3 the part of the seed that provides nourishment for the baby plant
6 the process where plants use light to make food
8 also known as the baby plant
13 the structure of the seed that provides protection
14 the tine pore on leaves that controls water loss and gas exchange
15 a seed with only one cotyledon
16 controls the opening and closing of the stomata
18 the vascular tissue that transports food from the leaves
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