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Road Safety Crossword Puzzle

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Road Safety

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Across Down
1 If you are going to drink alcohol it is a good idea to call one of these
5 You should slow down when road conditions are ----
6 You should drive to suit the road ----------
7 You must never ride in the tray of a utility or a panel ---
8 In situations of fog, rain, smoke, bad light or sun in your eyes ---------- may be pooor
9 We must obey this
11 Everyone must have one to drive
14 Travelling at appropriate speeds hepls you ---------- and react to dangerous situations
15 You could appoint one of these if they can be trusted
21 A micros-sleep is a brief --- that lasts 3 to 5 seconds
22 Near shopping centres you shoul always watch for these
25 Give -------- more space.
26 Mental of physical tiredness
27 If unrestrained these can also injure or kill others in the vehicle during a crash
28 -------- are more severe at high speed
33 Road rules are there to help reduce road ------
34 At high speed you have less ---- to react to hazards
1 There should be none of these in straps
2 Your seatbelt should be ----- but comfortable
3 If you want to drink you should ---- ahead
4 Increases the risk of being involved in a crash
5 Your licence is a valuable ---------
6 All children undre 7 must wear an approved one of these in vehicles
10 People may ---- out from between parked cars
12 You should drive slower when the road is ----
13 ----- and drug driving are major contributors to road fatalities
16 Alcohol gives you a ----- sense of confidence
17 You must stop on this signal
18 Every police vehicle can undertake both ---- and alcohol road side tests
19 The police test for this
20 A speed limit is the -------legal speed you can travel on a road under ideal conditions
23 You should always wear this in a vehicle
24 You are more likely to be involved in a crash if driving after drinking -------
29 Don't ---- your licence
30 Alcohol ----- down your reaction time to road hazards
31 Alcohol can make it difficult to ----- the speed of your vehicle
32 It is more dangerous to drive ----
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