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Simple Invertebrates Crossword Puzzle

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Simple Invertebrates

            6                           7        
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Across Down
6 animals with symmetry where body parts are the same on both sides
7 tube-shaped and sessile form of cnidarian
8 round worm found in undercooked pork
9 number of layers of tissue, organs and organ systems in round worms
10 organism that has both male and female reproductive structures
11 organism that depends on another for survival and may harm the host
13 round worm that affects dogs and blocks the flow of blood
16 number of layers of cells in sponges
17 phylum of animals with stinging cells
20 organism that don't depend on one particular organism for food or a place to live
21 bell-shaped and free swimming form of cnidarian
22 many-celled, eukaryotic organism that must find and digest its food
23 animals with symmetry where parts are arranged in a circle around a center point
24 flexible tube planarians use to feed
1 phylum of animals with pores
2 organism that remains attached to one place during their lifetime
3 phylum of round worms
4 lower side or belly of an organism
5 phylum of flat worms
7 rear of an organism
12 upper side or back of an organism
13 round worm that burrows into feet and feeds on blood
14 round worm found to block intestines
15 flat worm that cannot digest its own food and is a parasite
18 flat worm with amazing ability to regenerate
19 front of an organism
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