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Societies And Empires OF Africa Crossword Puzzle

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Societies and Empires of Africa

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Across Down
3 Important trading item that came from forest region south of the savanna
7 Mali ruler from 1312 to 1332
9 Empire that emerged by 1235
10 Society where members trace their ancestors through their mother
11 Wall that surrounded the Shona people's great city of Great Zimbabwe
12 Important trading item that came from the Sahara
14 City in Southeastern Africa established by the Shona people
17 Another group of Muslim religious reformers who seized power from the Almoravids
19 Strict religious brotherhood founded by Ibn Yasin
20 Tangierian traveler, traveled for 27 years, who visited most of the countries in the Islamic world
21 Society where members trace their ancestors through their father
22 People believing they are descendants of a common ancestor
26 Mali's first great leader
1 Group who broke away from the Mali Empire and expanded their own territory and gained control of major trade routes
2 People who originally belonged to small city-states in the forests on the southern edge of the Savanna
4 Word meaning 'war chief'
5 Name meaning 'conqueror' or 'master pillager'
6 Product made from the Savanna region of Africa
8 Societies where lineage groups took the place of rulers
13 Blended Arabic and Bantu language
15 Kingdom near the Niger river whose rulers based right to rule from the first King of Ife
16 Hunter-gatherer society in Africa
18 area of Africa that today is the Mediterranean coast of Libya, Tunisia, Algeria, and Morocco
23 Main religion adopted by most African cultures
24 Way people traveled from place to place and carried goods
25 Group of people named after the language they spoke
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