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South Africa Crossword Puzzle

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South Africa

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Across Down
6 What does 'apartheid' actually mean?
7 Trevor Noah repeatedly insists that he survived many dangerous situations by being a ______?
9 The Act made in 1927 that made mixed marriages illegal in South Africa? The __________ Act.
10 A word for white, South Africans of Dutch descent
12 Something black people had to carry all the time during apartheid, especially when in white areas
1 Which country did South Africa belong to after the Boer Wars?
2 White people insisted on their race being better than the black race. Another word for better is________?
3 What was Mandela accused of and imprisoned for?
4 Trevor Noah's grandmother lived in this special kind of place where only black people lived.
5 The English word for 'forsoning' which is what Mandela insisted on, when he became president
7 A racial classification in S.A. during apartheid
8 The genre of Trevor Noah's book is a _________?
11 Mandela used this image to describe the kind of nation he imagined after apartheid
12 The instrument used to test what race you belonged to, in S.A. during apartheid
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