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The Atmosphere Crossword Puzzle

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The Atmosphere

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Across Down
5 A pollutant formed when carbon burns in a limited supply of oxygen (6,8)
7 About 0.04% of the Earth's atmosphere is this gas (6,7)
10 A pollutant formed when the nitrogen and oxygen in the air react (8,7)
11 Cutting down large areas of trees and forests (13)
13 The process that all green plants carry out (14)
14 An increase in average global temperatures causes this (7,6)
18 Tiny particles of unburnt carbon, also called soot (12)
21 Limestone and Fossil Fuels all do this to carbon dioxide (6,2)
22 It's formula is CH4
23 What created the original atmosphere on Earth (9)
1 'The ______ Effect', the way that some gases act as an insulating blanket around the Earth (10)
2 About 80% of the Earth's atmosphere is this gas (8)
3 When gases like sulphur and nitrogen dioxide dissolve in water, it makes this (4,4)
4 The % of which gas in the atmosphere increased due to green plants (6)
5 The amount of carbon dioxide emitted by a product, service or event (6,9)
6 When the Earth cooled down, water vapour did this (9)
8 One impact of global climate change (8)
9 Carbon Monoxide has is a _____ gas (5)
12 How the carbon dioxide got into the oceans (9)
15 Animals that release a lot of the greenhouse gas methane (4)
16 The first green plants that evolved in water (5)
17 Particulates cause this (6,7)
19 Abut 1% of the Earth's atmosphere is this gas (5)
20 The ideas around how the Earth's early atmosphere formed and changed are called (8)
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