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Transgenic Plants Crossword Puzzle

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Transgenic Plants

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Across Down
2 the use of modern molecular biology techniques in gene mapping
3 any of several organic compounds, especially the nitrogen bases uracil, cytosine, and thymine
5 the process in which fragments of DNA from one or more different organisms are combined to form recombinant DNA
6 transgenic plants are crossed with elite breeding lines to combine the desired traits of elite parents and the transgene into a single line
7 the step in which ligase is used to link the DNA strands and the cloning vector
8 the transfer of genetic information from a DNA molecule to a molecule of messenger RNA
9 modifying or creating a gene
11 a protein that functions to cut DNA at or near a specific nucleotide sequence called a restriction site
12 the rearrangement of DNA within a chromosome or the transfer of a segment of one chromosome to a nonhomologous one
13 the process of inserting the gene into the plant
14 any of a number of nitrogenous bases, such as guanine and adenine, that are constituents of nucleic acids and certain coenzymes
15 the first step in this process is to lyse or break open the cell
1 a substance that is toxic to plants and is used to destroy unwanted vegetation
2 The copying and reproduction of the gene with the desired characteristic
4 a three-base sequence in tRNA that is complementary to one of the codons in mRNA
10 the process in which a gene is identified
16 a sequence of three nucleotides bases that represents a code word on mRNA molecules
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