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Weather Systems Crossword Puzzle

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Weather Systems

Across Down
2 A form of energy, such as heat waves, visible light, and X-rays, that can radiate through empty space.
3 The amount of heat energy needed to raise the temperature of one gram of pure water one Celsius degree
4 A body of arid air that is low in humidly because it formed over a land area.
5 A large body of air that has relatively uniform conditions of temperature and pressure.
6 A body of air that is relatively moist because it formed over an ocean.
7 Latent potential energy absorbed when a liquid vaporizes and released when a gas condenses.
8 A high-pressure system that usually brings cool, clear weather as its winds rotate clockwise and away from the center.
9 A weather system in which the atmospheric pressure is lower than surrounding areas.
10 Latent potential energy absorbed when a solid melts and released when a liquid freezes.
11 A measure of the average vibrational kinetic energy of a substance.
1 A low-pressure system in which the winds rotate counterclockwise in the Northern Hemisphere and converge to the center.
2 The complete range of electromagnetic energy from long-wave radio waves to short-wave gamma rays.
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