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What IS Economics%3f Crossword Puzzle

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What is Economics?

      5                               6  
Across Down
3 people who take risks in the hope of profit
4 Doing one thing makes us sacrifice the opportunity to do something else we value.
5 must be present to hold entrepreneurs and their investors accountable for the efficient allocation of their resources.
7 How changes in a market prices alter incentives in a manner that works to coordinate the actions of buyers an sellers.
8 the value of other things that have to be sacrificed.
9 the value of the additional improvement.
10 tools, machines, and buildings
12 Resources required to produce free public services.
13 whether or not to purchase a product or service at a price above the production cost.
14 education, skills, training,and experience of workers
1 Human decision making, the analysis of the forces underlying choice, and the implications with regard to how society works.
2 society has limited resources and therefore cannot produce all the goods and services people wish to have
3 the ways that human activities are organized and the rules under which they operate.
6 the marginal costs and marginal benefits that are relevant to sound decision-making (actions that generate more benefits than costs).
11 spurs economic progress by the use of brain power to discover new products and less costly methods of production.
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