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Who Wore IT Best Crossword Puzzle

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Who Wore It Best

College Mascots

  6                             7        
                    10   11     12          
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Across Down
5 Hail to the Victors
8 This collegiate version of TCU is not an amphibian on the rough side
9 Everything is bigger in Texas, including these cows
12 Lions, ________ and Bears, oh my! LSU's mascot Mike will definitely make you cry!
13 You don't want to mess with these mascots, especially on Coach K's basketball court
16 A delicilious peanut better and chocolate treat or OSU's mascot
1 Make sure you pay attention to those 'just paved' signs unlike this Carolina mascot
2 Bill Murray fought with these rodents in Caddy Shack, but they are more than welcome in Minnesota
3 When you are from Georgia this is likely your favorite breed of dog
4 In Nebraska they don't just associate corn with farming, but also with football
6 Florida's filled with these scaley reptiles and not just on their campus in Jacksonville
7 University of Indiana made their mark on the big screen with their mascot
10 We all had a streak where we felt like Ole Miss' beloved mascot
11 These mascots weren't just created for Troy Bolton and his team, they too reside in AZ
14 You'll find these ancient warriors just East of Michigan's State Capital
15 These are not the Mighty kids you remember with hockey skates,these feathered friends hail from Oregon
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