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Astronomy Crosswords

To view or print a Astronomy crossword puzzle click on its title.

Title Instructions / Description Sample Puzzle Hints Difficulty
The Universe distance light travels in 1 year. hot,dim stars at the end of their life. diagram that plots stars according to luminosity and surface temperature. cloud of gas/dust where stars are born. causes day and night. Hard
The Universe the distance that light travels through space in 1 year. a large celestial body that is composed of gas and emits light. a relatively large spherical body that orbits a star. a large collection of starts, gas, and dust held together by gravity. extremely large stars. Hard
The Universe in a Nutshell A theory that unites all five string theories, as well as supergravity, within a single thoretical framework, but which is not yet fully understood.. The distance traveled by light in one year.. The scientist who found the equations of how mass and energy warped spacetime before Einstein, but gave credit to him.. Where Einstein spent the last twenty years of his life because he left Germnay and renounced his citizenship.. Energy is always _____ and so it gives spacetime a curvature that bends the paths of light rays toward each other.. Very Difficult
Venus Greek Goddess. Sulfuric acid is where?. composes 3.5% of the atmosphere. Venus doesn't have what?. Largest Volcano. Older Children
Venus Venus is the 3rd _____ object in the sky after the Sun and moon.. Its high, reflective clouds are made mostly of _____ _____.. _____ is the second planet from the Sun.. Venus high temperature is due to the runaway _____ effect.. Its atmosphere is composed of 97% _____ _____.. Older Children
Venus Fill in the clues of the crossword puzzle. Takes 243 earth days, that's 5,832 hours. The brightest planet. 25 million miles away from venus. Name is venus, and share name with a goddness and a...... Venys rotates clockwise in retrograde rotation once every 243 _ the slowest rotation of any planet. Big
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