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Books - Childrens Literature Crosswords

To view or print a Books - Childrens Literature crossword puzzle click on its title.

Title Instructions / Description Sample Puzzle Hints Difficulty
39 clues lead female charator . slammed the door when amy and dan took the clue. the main place for the first book. died and started the clue hunt. amy and dan's Au Pair. Big
A Boy Called Bat Answer the questions or fill in the blank. What day does Bat not like?. What is Bat's real name?. What animal did Bat's mom get for him?. What job did Bat's mom have?. What was Bat's older sister's name?. Young Kids
A day in the life of Murphy A _______ is hiding under the sink.. Murphy is a _________ .. The father told the boy about the _________.. _______ Alii. The father told the boy about the house.. Easy
A Jar of Dreams A Japanese word for I'm tired.. To pass or come into a new habitat or place.. A word that starts with Cal.. A word meaning attractive or outstanding.. A father or a grandfather.. Big
Alice in Wonderland Characters Head of a calf. Wonderland co-ruler. # __ playing-card gardener. Sleepy tea-time companion. Leads Alice to Wonderland. Older Children
Alone on a wide wide Sea Use the hint to figure out the correct word! ______ Snarkey. Mrs. Bacon's first name. Who did Marthy and Authur work for (boat related), last name. 6th word in the book. Arthur's best friend from the boat. Older Children
Amelia Bedelia and the Baby a warm piece of clothing worn on the upper body. a sound made, crisp. not remember. crush or smash. to move quickly. Young Kids
Among the Hidden fail to operate properly . severe mentalor physical pain or suffering. withdraw, cancelled. felt around in the dark. to push forward. Hard
Among the Hidden Based on the book Among the Hidden A character from among the hidden who took on a new identity. the number of people in a certain area. a room above a house. a domesticated pig. something or someone that is concealed. Older Children
Awesome Friendly Adventure a nice boy. were Roland lives. who Roland's saving. people who live in trash. a person with snake hair. Young Kids
Billionaire Boy Read the questions and write your answer in the squares. Job of person Joe's mum ran off with.. Joe wants one of these.. Joe''s last name.. Name of toilet paper created by Joe's dad. This is how old Joe is.. Big
Black Ships Before Troy Former husband of Helen. She offered Paris the most beautiful woman in the world. King of Troy. River in which Achilles was dipped in. Son of Priam. Hard
Bud, Not Buddy the name of Bud's 'brother'. what bud did with the girl in the Hooverville. what the people of Hooverville ate for dinner. nervously moving about or twitching. the place where people wanted to go to find work. Hard
Castle in the Attic A big stone building that knights and kings live in. A hero who saved a kingdom. A place with lots of trees. Someone in shining armour. A knight who gets turned to lead. Older Children
Characters from Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets Harry's best friend, 2nd year student at Hogwarts . Minister of Magic, removes Hargrid. Malfoy house-elf, tries to stop Harry from going to Hogwarts. Potions teacher, does not like Harry . Herbology teacher, tries to find a mandrake that will save the petrified students. Big
Characters in Terabithia writer ... novels ... 'young and serious'. fastest runner ... faded cutoffs ... exciting essay. t.v. for homework ... fifth grade ... double chin. five dollars ... eldest . guitar ...Fridays after recess ... 'hippie'. Young Kids
Charlotte's Web A group of baby pigs is a __________.. Did Wilbur want to be a Christmas meal?. Did Fern love Wilbur more than anything?. ___________ was the other pig at the fair.. Fern's last name is ___________.. Young Kids
Charlotte's Web Complete this crossword about the book Charlotte's Web. There will be names of characters settings and a bit more! Good luck! The illustrator of the book.. The last name of a family.. If Wilbur got tired on a walk Fern would put him in there.. The name of Fern's uncle.. Fern's brother.. Young Kids
Diary of a Worm the planet that we live on. a book for writing daily events or feelings. to be unable to move. path next to a road or street just for walking. a lot of. Hard
Dinosaur: A Tooth Story finding or learning something for the first time. part of the solution to a question or problem . very interesting or appealing. very old. using teeth to crush something into very small pieces. Young Kids
Dr Seuss What was Dr. Seuss's dad name?. What college did Dr. Seuss attend?. How old was Dr. Seuss when he died?. What was Dr. Seuss's moms name?. What month was he born in?. Big
Dribbling Drew Complete the crossword below. another word for jump. a type of puzzle with lots of pieces. to be sent home from school and not let back!. to move up and down in water. silly and a bit crazy. Big
Elephant and Piggie Adventures What is the full title of the first Elephant and Piggie Book?. What is another word for an elephant?. Piggie says what as a cowboy?. What month is Piggie's birthday?. What month is Gerald's birthday?. Big
Ender's Game Hint guide: Definition of a word is shown following up with a phrase used in the book 'Ender's Game' the novel Escape, either physically or mentally - 'Your parents resent you because of all the past they are trying to ________'. Disarrange or rumple - 'The monitor lady smiled very nicely and ________ his hair and said,'. The process of absorbing one cultural group into another - 'And you’re a badge of public shame, because at every step you interfere with their efforts at _________ into normal complying society'. An outline of a solid object as cast by it's shadow - 'Ender heard the hushing sound of the toilet clearing, then Peter stood _________ in the doorway'. Squeeze together tightly - 'He could feel his legs thrashing, and his hands were ________ each other'. Big
Fairy Tales This character commands death upon Snow White.. This character wanted to make Princess Belle his wife and didn't care if she liked him or not.. This character cast a spell on the baby in Sleeping Beauty.. This character had to become what to jump over the candlestick?. What is the name of Princess Jasmine's pet?. Hard
George's Marvelous Medicine mean, brown teeth,tiny. How many medicines did George make?. Grandma was ------------ to George. What happened to Grandma in the end?. What room was the first one George went to to start getting his supplies for his medicine?. Young Kids
Goat in the Rug single pieces of thread. to make cloth by crossing materials over one another . twisting together material to make yarn or thread. thick thread made of cotton or wool. a substance used to change the color of something. Young Kids
Hank the Cowdog The Dungeon of Doom Hank is supposed to keep these away from the ranch property. Drover's hide out. A place where Hank's owners want to send him. Hank's owner who wears glasses. Slims girlfriend . Young Kids
Hank Zipzer Worldwide sports event. Put on a show . To suggest or refer to something . Schedule. Having a place for everything . Big
Hardy Boys in Plane Sight What is one of the main character's name?. What is the setting of the story?. What is the name of the other Hardy boy?. Why are they stealing the airplanes?. What did the main characters find in a nearby state park?. Big
Harry Potter Test your wizarding knowledge! Who is the ghost that lives in the girls toilets?. Where did Harry live before he went to Hogwarts?. What is Harry's uncle called?. What is the sport Harry plays?. What does Harry have on his head?. Older Children
Horrible Harry and the Holidaze By Suzy Kline This holiday is celebrated in Spain, Latin America and other places. The author. Special clothes children wear on the Korean New Year. African hats. This color candle means the land of Africa. Very Difficult
House of Dies Drear Who was riding Pluto's black horse?. Where does Pluto live?. What was Pluto's last name?. What was poured all over the kitchen floor?. In what state was the House of Dies Drear?. Young Kids
House of Robots How do Sammy, E and Trip normally get to school. The name of Sammy's drone. Type of black vehicle following E. The name of Sammy's sister. What is Sammy afraid of?. Young Kids
Island of the Blue Dolphins what was the island called. what was karana first dog name. what was the name of the first person who took karana father place. what was karana second dog name. what was karana real name. Young Kids
Jeremy Fink And The Meaning Of Life calm and peaceful. a long and thoughtful observation. worried. a title appended to a lawyer's surname. Excited and silly . Big
Johnny Tremain Where the Lyte's summer house is. How is Johnny related to Mr.Lyte? Johnny is Mr.Lyte's _________.. What was the event called when the patriots dumped tea off the British ships into the harbor?- The Boston _________.. What Rab tries to buy, but gets in trouble for it along with the seller and farmer for making the deal. Johnny's ___________ built the Lyte's summer house in Milton. Big
Judy Moody Saves the World falling in small drops. trash. a plan to do something. a small amount. an area that is blocked out from the sun. Young Kids
Julie of the Wolfs The main characters friend in San Francisco. The main character. The language the main character uses rather than English. The main characters name in English. The main characters stepmother. Big
Kensuke's Kingdom The name of Michael's hill: W___ Hill. The name of Michael's football team. Michael's best friend. The strange man on the island. Mum's job on the boat. Young Kids
Loki's Wolves Earth. Synonym for snake . The summer festival. A raider from Norway . Moon. Hard
Lucky Dog Read the book to answer the questions! One of Birdie's best friends.. When you go to live with another family.. The person that interviewed Birdie for the news.. The person who gave Birdie a treasure map.. What Mr. Staker is to Grammy.. Young Kids
Middle School: Dog's Best Friend fill in empty spaces rafes school. rafes dog. rafes grandma. Rafes hometown. Main character. Young Kids
Midnight Zoo Fill in using the hints. Enjoy! Who attacked the village? . Whats Wilma's favourite thing to eat? . Who bombed the train? . Why were the soldiers interested in Nicholae? . Who sent the people to bomb the town? . Young Kids
Miles and Niles member of the Terrible Two. Principal at the school. an organization made for fun, like the Terrible Two. favorite animal. playing a joke on someone. Young Kids
Mrs.Frisby and the Rats of Nimh People who kill rodents. The number that comes after 3. Rats lived here. A neighbor of Mrs.Frisby. how many rats had died. Big
Nate the Great A young boy detective. The food that Nate likes. Annie lost a . A person that solves mysteries. The big dog with big teeth. Young Kids
New Kid The thing that Jordan Banks loves and he is really good at it.. The game Jordan plays with his other friends from his old school.. You get it every day but not on weekends.. Jordan's favorite food. . The thing you do before you make a deal.. Young Kids
Original members of the Order of the Phoenix Defied Lord Voldemort three times. She was tortured and incapacitated by death eaters.. Lived at “number two, Laburnum Gardens, Clapham”. . Was killed with her whole family. . Named for a flower just like her sister, she was the favorite of two potions masters at Hogwarts. Was the uncle of Harry’s classmate Susan Bones.. Older Children
Penny From Heaven Who did Penny hear saying her father was a spy. The girl who got her hand stuck in the wringer and her father passed away when she was little. Pennys favorite uncle . Pennys best friend . Penny is half this and her fathers side of the family speaks this language. Big
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