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Books - Classics Crosswords

To view or print a Books - Classics crossword puzzle click on its title.

Title Instructions / Description Sample Puzzle Hints Difficulty
A Separate Peace Source of terror or dead. Lack of knowledge. Amazingly impressive. Angered at something. Frighten. Big
Call of The Wild Solve the puzzle by putting the correct words in the right places. That pig is so __________ when it comes to eating.. The girl was so ___________ when she presented her presentation.. The neighborhood watch dogs were ___________ so they could make sure no criminals came in the neighborhood. . Holly is known for her _________ towards others when they need help.. The 12 year old was acting so _________ that he was running around the classroom.. Older Children
Canterbury Tales The _____ was a wealthy landowner.. The color red is made from what?. Feeling or showing contempt.. The Yeoman wore a coat and hood or what color?. The Monk had ____ on his sleeves.. Very Difficult
Dracula A narrator who is not part of the story. A narrator who is part of the story. The century during which the events of the novel are set. A sexually suggestive word which is often used to describe the vampiric women. ...............Abbey. Big
Grapes of Wrath Chapters 13 and 14 symbolically, Grandpa was going to pour these over his head. Found Grandpa's scripture in this book of the Bible. 'There is no ____ in a time of dying'. what Will yelled to stop the car. State Joads left. Big
Great Expectations Pip heads to London to become. Pipís true love. Marries Estella. Century of story. What Pip does when he leaves Joe to go to London. Hard
Jane Eyre a particular section of a country, especially a rural section (outside city area). a woman who is employed to take charge of a child's upbringing, education. an event occurring suddenly and causing great loss of life, damage, or hardship. a brother of one's father or mother. a school at which the pupils receive board and lodging during the school term. Big
Little Women Was an artist. Loved to write; oldest March sister. The March's house maid. Loved her four daughterd. Jo's friend; wanted to marry Jo but she said no. Big
Little Women by Louisa May Alcott The war that is in progress during the story. Theodore Laurence's nickname. The tomboy bookworm of the four sisters. The part of the body that Meg sprains while dancing at a party. The nationality of Professor Bhaer. Easy
Moby Dick Contemporary and neighbor. Name of ship. Native American harpooner. What type of whale is Moby Dick?. Captain. Big
Of Mice and Men who is the boss's son?. what is in the middle of the bunkhouse?. where do all the ranch workers sleep?. old and fragile. big and clumsy. Older Children
Of Mice and Men Main character's American Dream was to own a _____. Author of 'Of Mice and Men'. Lennie hurts his hand. Lennie wanted ________ for his beans. What Slim gives Lennie. Older Children
Of Mice and Men The place where the men work and live in the novel. Chapter in which Crooks features most heavily. The Author of Of Mice and Men. The person who shoots Candy's dog. Character who is known as 'the old swamper'. Older Children
Pride and Prejudice synonym for arrogance . Elizabeth rejects Mr Darcy's first - due to his pride. being prideful and prejudice leads to this. preconceived judgment without experience or reason. the main character that represents prejudice. Big
Sherlock Holmes Characters, Objects and Places The City Holmes Lives In. Holmes' Coat. Something that is difficult or impossible to understand. A member of the Police or Private Investigator . What Holes Uses To Smoke With. Hard
The Count Of Monte Cristo Solve The puzzle as fast as you can eager to shed blood.. a person authorized to perform certain legal formalities. compassion or forgiveness shown toward someone. A mark left on the skin after a injury. a wealthy person who uses money to invest in trade and industry. Hard
The Crucible Character Study Guide John Proctorís wife; accused of witchcraft;not hung because of pregnancy. a friend of John Proctor; one of the accused witches. one of Abigail Williams' friends. minister of Salem; prosecutor and convicts many of the accused of witchcraft. protagonist; had affair with Abigail Williams; accused of witchcraft and hung. Big
The Grapes of Wrath having offense to moral sensibilities. move about aimlessly. negligent of neatness. rugged physical strength. disloyal and faithless manner. Hard
The Grapes of Wrath noun - burrowing mammal whose body is covered in hard plates . noun - security device, lock, dead bolt. noun - a short heavy-headed nail used to reinforce the soles of boots. Noun - a blade that can be attached to the end of a rifle and used for stabbing. noun - hinged metal fastening. Hard
The Great Gatsby Answer the questions to solve the crossword puzzle What sport is Jordan Baker good at?. Who finds Gatsby dead?. Where is Nick from?. Who calls Gatsby before he dies?. What did Gatsby's parents do for a living?. Older Children
The Old Man and the Sea well meaning and kind. showing lack of confidence. small herring fish. pull or drag. dish of meat and vegetable. Hard
Tom Sawyer Ch. 3 'Busy at War and Love' to make a liquid thinner or less strong by adding water or another liquid; to lessen the strength of something. very confident and daring; very bold and surprising or shocking. unable to understand something clearly or to think clearly; filled with uncertainty; puzzled. done in a quiet and secret way to avoid being noticed. a disease that makes plants dry up and die; something that causes harm or damage like a disease. Big
Treasure Island Characters, Creatures, Objects and Places Blind Beggar. First Mate. Flint's Pirate Ship . Paper With A Black Dot, A Death Sentence. The Inn Owned By The Hawkins. Hard
Uncle Tom's Cabin slave hunter. Mammy lacked this. St. Clare thinks church goers are this. young George's gift to Tom. Marie suffered from these. Big
Wuthering Heights Orphan brought from Liverpool. Housekeeper at Wuthering Heights. Son of Hindley. Lockwood sees the ______ of Catherine at Wuthering Heights. Lockwood rents the manor house, _______ Grange. Teenage
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