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Books - Science Fiction Crosswords

To view or print a Books - Science Fiction crossword puzzle click on its title.

Title Instructions / Description Sample Puzzle Hints Difficulty
1984 By George Orwell Complete the puzzle! Make impure by adding a foreign or inferior substance.. To produce something (especially a list, report, or book) by assembling information collected from other sources.. Take the place of (a person or thing previously in authority or use); supplant.. One of the four ministries, the quality or state of being true.. A forcefully reproachful protest.. Hard
Catching Fire Mutations (like birds) that record people and are used to torture the tributes. Katniss's Sister. An old woman who sells soup at the Hob. Katniss's Favorite Weapon. The Mayors Daughter. Hard
Enders Game Enders Game Book A formation of small warships . Enlist compulsorily typically into the arred services. Formula declares ones abdonment. Person who is killed due to their religion. Causing horror or disgust . Moderately Challenging
Journey to the Center of the Earth Choose the correct word for each definition to burst out suddenly. to be put in suddenly. in a way that indicates friendliness or enthusiasm. to have courage to do something. not having the intended or hoped for outcome; unsuccessful. Big
Matched What is Cassia's last name?. Cassia's dad lost Grandfather's____ sample. What was Cassia's job?. What color was Cassia's dress?. You die at age_____?. Hard
Stinker From Space Fill in the crossword puzzle break up into small parts, typically as the result of impact or decay. attractive or tempting; alluring. occurring or situated between stars. visually attractive, especially in a quaint or pretty style. walk in a furtive, unobtrusive, or timid manner, especially sideways or obliquely. Older Children
The Maze Runner felling expression or joy. thertening , informal nuicence. make or show to be invalid. to say something abrubtly. feeling or showing tiredness. Teenage
The Scorch Trials People that are doing the Scorch Trials. Only boy from group B. Group of girls that were in a different maze the boys. Creatures trying to kill the kids. Safe place to get cure. Older Children
The Wild Robot Try to solve the challenging puzzle......... He has really loud wings in the water. lives under ground. Bright beek. tiny fingers. long teeth. Hard
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