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Other Crosswords

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Title Instructions / Description Sample Puzzle Hints Difficulty
Car Talk Auto related words Steering Column. Fight over fuel . Manicurist. Backseat driver. BP hat. Big
Casting & Molding Non-Metals Similar to Die casting. Rotational molding produces this type of part. Type of casting that uses a thermoset resin . Plastics that shape does not change after they are heated and cooled. Parts removed from a mold. Big
Ceramic Highly pigmented color that will not run or drip when fired. A wet mixture of powdered materials that often includes pre-melted glass that when fired fuses to the clay body and creates a glossy finish. Rolling out wet clay into rope like pieces. Any unfired clay body before it is Bisque Fired and is very fragile. A liquid form of clay used to join two pieces of clay together. Big
Chainsaws must apply this to stop chain from spinning. directs exhaust (fuel waste) away from operator. adjusts fuel mixture for easier cold starting. drives the cutting unit. part of chain that cuts wood. Hard
Character Traits People who have honor are honest. They do what is right and good.. Freedom. People who work for liberty want to be free from the control of others. People who have patience are calm when facing hard problems.. Acting with civility means having good manners. It means showing respect for others even is you do not agree with them.. Playing with a good attitude. It means not bragging if you win or complaining when you lose.. Easy
Checking & Savings Accounts Writing checks or withdrawing money for more money than you have in your account. Money set aside for personal reasons. The bank where the drawer has an account. The place you are paying your money to. The ability to quickly turn an investment into cash. Big
Choosing Kitchen Appliances This is a good appliance for making milk shakes. . This appliance is designed to keep foods cold. . A yelow tag that shows an estimated yearly energy usage for the major appliance. . This applianace makes a drink many people enjoy in the morning. . This appliance performs that jobs of both a mixer and a blender. . Big
Christa MacAuliffe Besides a teacher, Christa was an __________________________. The name of the space shuttle. Christa's daughter. Christa's husband. How many astronauts went into space. Big
Civics To be called upon to do something. The education of the responsibilities and rights regarding citizenship. This process turns an immigrant into a citizen. Someone that saw some kind of action or incident happen. A foreigner. Big
Classical Conditioning A stimuli that has no current associations. The psychologist responsible for Classical Conditioning. The stimulus that gives a reflex response . Learning through association. If the time lapse between the presentation of two stimuli is too long, no association will occur . Big
Clinical Pathology for Vet Nursing Students The anti-coagulant in green biochemistry tubes (plasma tubes). A WBC with a large circular nucleus. The molecule within RBCs that binds to oxygen. A burrowing skin mite that is highly pruritic. The other name for a WBC. Hard
Clothes Worn on the feet with shoes. Clothes you wear to bed. Worn on the legs under a skirt. Something warm you wear on your body. Item worn on your head. Older Children
Clothing Find the clothing items girls use this in summer . short sleeves shirt . all people wear these ones . they are usually blue. you look elegant with it . Big
Clothing Solve the crossword it is used to fasten garments, bags, and other items. be made longer or wider without tearing or breaking.. a part around the neck of a shirt, blouse, jacket or coat. a coat made from waterproofed or water-resistant fabric. trousers cut to fit and fasten at the hips. Hard
Clothing for the Season a warm hat made of wool. It's a french word. You knit this warm piece of clothing to cover your stomach and arms. You wear on your hands and they have fingers. boys wear this under their pants in the winter. This wraps around your neck to keep you warm. Big
Coastal Management the process where material being transported by a river is deposited.. Sea water dissolves some rock. Action or salt on the rocks. when the white water of a wave that has crashed over a long period in rapid movement.. waves that break on the shore and deposit material, building up beaches. They have a swash that is stronger than the backwash. the result of combined forces in mother nature that create a variety of coastal landforms. Hard
Cognition to remember especially emotional memories . to focus on the task at hand. the locating and recovering of information from memory. the modification of information to fit the preferred format for the memory system. ability to recollect an image so vividly that it appears to be real. Hard
Colorado A football team that plays in the mile high stadium. In the southwest corner you'd find this park. The highest city in Colorado. An early mining town in Colorado. A ghost town in Colorado. Older Children
Communication communication with oneself. is when a person is able to understand and interpret a message. communication not using words. 3 or more people. communication with a large number of people a great distance away. Big
Computer Terms A programmable machine (input and output devices, CPU. A program file; Word, Excel, Internet Explorer, MS Paint, etc.... Instructions that you give to the computer. This enables us to send text across the Internet. Keyboard, Microphone and Mouse. Teenage
Confucianism Crossword _________ was a philosopher who was born arond 551 BCE and died around 479 BCE. He started the religion 'confucisanism.'. ______ is where confucianism was started by Confucius.. Their are ___ branches of confucianism.. __________ is where most of the 6,300,000 confucianist followers are.. ________ is the original practice of confucianism.. Hard
Contentment feeling joy or pleasure; delighted; pleased. the state of being happy.. great happiness and exhilaration.. the quality or state of being tranquil; calm.. the state of being calm, peaceful, and untroubled.. Big
Cotton Cotton is grown as far north as. Meg and I work for. Qld Cotton is a subsidiary of . Majority of world ending stocks is held in . The machine used to test the quality of cotton. Big
Court Terms a problem or dispute. legal proceedings typed word-for-word by court reporter. person bringing action. outline of case. oral statements under oath. Big
Critical Thinking comprehensive world view (or worldview) is the fundamental cognitive orientation of an individual or society encompassing the entirety of the individual or society. to invite or summon (someone to do something, esp to take part in a contest) 2. (also intr) to call (something) into question .... the reason for which anything is done, created, or exists. thought, to have a conscious mind, to some extent of reasoning, remembering experiences, making rational decisions, etc. to till and prepare . Hard
Cross Stitch Terms Type of fabric that is about half cotton and Hal man made materials that feels soft.. Type of paper used to make your own charts.. Collection of items that are needed to complete a cross stitch pattern.. Type of thread that changes from dark to light to dark along the length of the floss.. Method that involves stabbing the needle through the fabric.. Hard
crossword done intentionally. emotions. guarding a place. feeling extreme anger. disagreement. Teenage
Cryptography the method of cryptography known as the Caesar Shift Cipher.. object used by Greek about cryptography . what concerns converting messages into unreadable groups of figures. people that utilizes the idea that certain letters are repeated more often than others in a language. a type of cipher, as the Caesar Shift Cipher. Hard
CSR Crossword This concept refers to issues of right, wrong, fairness, and justice.. A major, unpredictable event that has potentially negative results. . The field of ethics that deals with the ethical issues that are embedded in the use of biotechnology. . The ability or capacity to get something done that otherwise may not be done. . The perceived validity or appropriateness of a stakeholder's claim to a stake.. Hard
Cyber Security Trade Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights. Terrorists have started using this kind of encryption technology. Computer Virus. The most popular method used by a terrorist. This is more treacherous as it exploits the confidence of the user in the system. Big
Days Of The Week 1st day of the week. 4rd day of the week. 6th day of the week. 3nd day of the week. 5th day of the week. Young Kids
Days of the Week Day 4. Fourth day of school. Day 7. Seventh day. Church day. Day 2. First day of school. Day 1. First day of the week. Church day. Day 6. Sixth day of school. Week-end begins . Easy
Days of the Week Complete the Crossword Puzzle Fourth day of the week. Seventh day of the week. Second day of the week. First day of the week. Sixth day of the week. Easy
Debate Terms 'the way things are now' meaning the existing conditions. the side of the debate that believes 'YES, that is true' about the proposition. speeches that put forward an argument. the side of the debate that believes 'NO, that is false' about the proposition. the combination of all your organized evidence and ideas that make up your argument. Older Children
Decision Making Fill in the blanks the information needed is available. A discrepancy between an existing and a desired state . Accepting solutions that are “good enough”. an idea-generating process that encourages any and all alternatives . process of identifying problems and opportunities . Big
Decision Making Complete the crossword puzzle by matching the word with the definition. multi-stop strategy to identify and achieve your goals. specific tools and strategies to maintain, protect, and improve all aspects of your health. communication strategies that help you to say no when urged to take part in unsafe behaviors. goal that you can reach in a short period of time. ideas, beliefs, and attitudes about what is important that help guide the way you live. Big
Decision Making Choice Educational Making up one’s mind. A power affecting a person. Pretending to be what one’s isn’t. To forcefully influence. Convince someone. Big
Definition of Terms:The Cuban Revolution Use the clues to complete the crossword puzzle a person who frees a person or place from imprisonment or oppression. to allow (a colony) to become self-governing or independent. a policy of extending a country's power and influence through diplomacy or military force: . a person who advocates political independence for a country. a ruler with total power over a country, typically one who has obtained power by force. Big
Denimology Denim terms The color and texture produced by the finishing process of washing the jean.. Buttons and rivets that show on the jean.. Describes a studded, painted or special detailing like added sequins or embroidery.. A chemical used to create permanent wrinkles and creases on denim giving it a natural, vintage look.. The usual four pockets (2 front, 2 back) plus a coin pocket inside of the front right pocket.. Hard
Dental the start of the digestive system. outer layer of a tooth. use this to clean your teeth. cutting teeth. visit this person every 6 months. Big
Digital Literacy a graphic image that represents a person online anonymous: without a name or other information that identifies who you are. an image and personality that you show to others. a set of principles and morals governing people’s behavior, including honesty and respect toward others. to depict yourself to others as being a certain way or having particular characteristics. electronic devices and media platforms such as computers, cell phones, video, the Internet, and video games that allow users to create, communicate, and interact with one another or with the device or application itself. Big
Dinosaurs Planet The word comes from two Greek words: 'deinos', which means 'terrible', and 'sauros', which means 'lizard'. Therefore 'dinosaur' means 'terrible lizard'. They had the large sail on its back formed by elongated spines extending from the vertebrae. . They had long whip-like tails that counter balanced their long necks.Also, was a plant eating dinosaur.. They weren't a tall dinosaur and probably browsed the ground selectively to find food. Also, they weren't a fast runner like other dinosaurs. . They had the strongest bite of any land animal that ever lived.Their teeth were wide and somewhat dull, allowing the teeth to withstand the forces exerted by struggling prey, the study found.. They were the large, plant-eating dinosaur.They were about the size of a bus and carried around two rows of bony plates along its back.. Big
Discipline good and bad behavior the opposite of negative. greatness. Only you can do this for you. good or bad. successful. Big
Dracula The opposite of rough. . A woman gave Johnathan a . What was on both sides of Dracula's hands? . Dracula gave The Three Women a. The opposite of thin.. Adult
Driver Distractions Driver distraction is a _______ problem, and we all have a role in solving it. 34 percent of teens that text and drive and don't think they will get _____ .. Longer commutes, heavier _________ and in-vehicle technology all contribute to driver distraction.. Multitasking takes your __________ away from driving and is extremely dangerous. . Adjust controls - radio, _______, seat, AC - only when stopped or before driving.. Teenage
Driver's Manual Review the Cox Automotive Career Driver's Manual Before you leave, your human resources business partner may conduct an ___________ interview with you to better understand your opinions about the company, our policies and any areas of improvement. . THE COX AUTOMOTIVE TEAM MEMBER HANDBOOK YOUR COX AUTOMOTIVE CAREER DRIVER’S MANUAL A MANUAL FOR _______ YOUR CAREER. (3 Words) _____ _____ _____is intended to foster open and honest communication within a framework of trust and mutual respect. On a quarterly basis, team members can use up to 4 hours of time during regularly scheduled work days to _____________ in the community.. _________ hotline 1-877-293-0003. Hard
Drivers Ed What color light indicates that other drivers are yielding the right away to you.. Always use a _______ to cross a road.. You should always _______ when riding in a car.. Ajust your ______ when you first get into a car.. You use this peddel to make the car slow down or to come to a complete stop.. Teenage
Driving Terms An orange triangle sign with a red border means that there is a __________ vehicle.. What do the people sitting in the front have to wear?. Driving while using drugs or alcohol is known as a ____?. The area where you cant see when driving are known as ______?. A provisional license lasts for ______ year(s).. Teenage
Dust Bowl (v) to put a plant into the ground or into a container of soil so that it will grow. (v) to make something less harmful, unpleasant, or bad. (n) a long period when there is little or no rain. (n) a unit for measuring area- equal to 4,047 square metres.. (v) to rise extremely quickly or make extremely quick progress towards success. Hard
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