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Physics Crosswords

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Title Instructions / Description Sample Puzzle Hints Difficulty
Physical Science A property of matter by which it continues in its existing . A thing or substance used for insulation, in particular . SI unit of length. A proposed solution to a scientific problem . A push or pull that is exerted on an object . Hard
Physical Science solid to be hammered without shattering. table salt & sugar. burn in the presence of oxygen. resistance to flowing. intermediate insize. Older Children
Physics is any influence that causes an object to undergo a certain change, either concerning its movement, direction, or geometrical construction. as a branch of astronomy, is the study of the largest-scale structures and dynamics of the universe and is concerned with fundamental questions about its formation and evolution.. is the branch of physics which involves the behaviour and properties of light, including its interactions with matter and the construction of instruments that use or detect it. is a branch of physics dealing with physical phenomena at microscopic scales. is a chemical compound with the chemical formula H2O. . Big
Physics The resistance of an object to a change in its motion . A push or pull. Speed with direction. A state in which opposing forces are balanced. The rate of change of velocity. Hard
Physics If two or more components are connected in parallel they have the same potential difference (voltage) across their ends. . is an electrical component that can break an electrical circuit, interrupting the current or diverting it from one conductor to another.. An electric circuit through which current can flow in an uninterrupted path.. is the unidirectional flow of electric charge.. are sometimes called current-coupled or daisy chain-coupled.it goes through every component in the circuit.. Big
Physics The force that results from two surfaces rubbing against one annother. Young stars are called. Nuclear sizes are expressed in a unit named. primary building block of stars. Magnetism at the centre of a bar magnet is. Big
Physics Energy that travels by waves or particles, particularly electromagnetic radiation such as heat or x-rays. The process of changing one form of energy to one other. Energy that is possessed by an object due to its motion or due to its position. The potential energy of a magnetic field. A form of energy that is associated with vibrations of matter. Big
Physics cells and batteries supply electric currents which always flows in the same direction. contains a thin section of wire, designed to melt and break if the current gets above a certain value. . is a device that receives one or more e l ectrical input signals, and produces an output signal that depends on those input signals. measured in joules. Is the current from a battery of cells AC or DC. Big
Physics Another term for the speed of an object. Energy of a moving object. A stored energy of a trampoline is called ______ energy. Weght of an object. Energy stored in molecules of foods is called ______ energy. Big
Physics Complete the Crossword Puzzle. He made great contribution to the radio navigation system.. He's famous for his solution of the so-called hierarchy problem.. He's famous for his three laws of motion.. He's the father of Chinese missiles.. He's famous for his law of free fall.. Hard
Physics variable that is changed or controlled in an experiment.. a supposition or a system of ideas intended to explain something.. smaller than or occurring within an atom. . the quality, condition,or fact of being exact and accurate. . the action or process of monitoring something or someone carefully to gain information. . Older Children
Physics - Simple Harmonic Motion Number of complete oscilations per unit time. This is independent of the period of the swing. When an external force is applied to an oscillator to reduce the amplitude of oscilation. Time taken to complete one full oscilation. Name describing an oscillating motion where velocity increases with amplitude, but period remains constant (Greek). Hard
Physics in the World Around Us A curved path followed by a projectile under the influence of gravity. Property by which objects resist changes in motion. Deterioration of a metal caused by oxygen. An exothermic oxidation-reduction reaction between a nonmetallic material and molecular oxygen. Unit of electric current. Very Difficult
Physics With Mirrors Complete the crossword below An image that can be seen on a screen as a result of light rays actually arriving at the image location . The point at which light rays parallel to the principle axis converge when they are reflected off a concave mirror. The point where the principle axis meets the mirror. The line through the center of curvature to the midpoint of the mirror . To spread apart. Hard
Properties and Changes the ability of a substance to combine with or change into one or more new substances . observations based on measures or counts. A substance that changes because of a reaction with another substance. Makes a new substance.. describing data by observing its qualities or appearance . Appearance changes but substance does not. Can be reversed. . Older Children
Properties of Mater occurs when a wave bends as it enters a new medium. number of waves that pass a point in one second; measured in hertz. measure of size or magnitude of a wave. material through which a mechanical wave moves. waves that transmit electromagnetic energy; make objects visible. Big
Properties of Matter the ability of a substance to react with oxygen to produce carbon dioxide. the ability to be hammered into thin sheets (alternative, brittle). how easily a liquid flows. it has indefinite shape and definite volume. solid form of many minerals in which you can see a definite structure of cubes or blocks with a regular pattern. Hard
Properties of Small Particles the charge on an ion when it loses 1 or more electron(s). This is the name given to group7 non metals and means salt maker. In covalent bonding the electrons are s............ The charge on an atom that is neither positive or negative. The types of bonding in non metals. Big
Rays and Reflection Find the words using the hints below: Formed in a location where where the rays cannot actually reach. . Equal to angle of incidence. Parallel rays bounce off a flat surface, reflected rays remain parallel. . These go into our eyes. . Incoming ray. Hard
Roller Coaster Physics The energy an object has because of its motion or postion.. Stored Energy. Set of parts that are connected in some way.. The process if changing energy from one form to another.. Representation of a system, objector concept. . Older Children
Satellites and Gravity The Earth has an escape _____________________of 25,000 miles per hour.. If there weren't any gravity, we would all _______________into space.. Supposedly it was this dropping from a tree, and striking his head, that gave Newton an idea about gravity.. Number of satellites in the Global Positioning System. When you are in a car, and need directions, this is what you use.. Big
Series Circuits Use the clues given below to complete the puzzle The unit for current in a circuit. Provides only one pathway for the current passing through it. A power source. The unit for the resistance in a circuit. The current through a conductor bewteen two points is directly proportional to the potential difference across the two points. Older Children
Sound number of waves moving past a point in one second. longitudinal wave with frequency from 16Hz to 20 kHz which we can hear. spiral part of the ear. measure of how high or low a sound is. object which oscillates and makes sound is sound ...... Older Children
Sound the number of crest or troughs of a wave that pass by over a certain amount of time. a form of energy that travels as waves through matter. the distance between the resting point and a crest or trough. the matter through which a wave travels. three tiny bones. Older Children
Sound the rate at which a vibration occurs that constitutes a wave, either in a material or in an electromagnetic usually measured per second.. the maximum positive displacement from the undisturbed position of the medium of the top of a crest. . When the air near the ground is warmer than the air at higher elevations, then sound . multiple, additional reflections heard from these neighboring surfaces. sound waves travel through the. Big
Sound and Light how quickly something happens over and over again. to make clear. any substance or material through which something (like sound waves) can move. moves up, down, or to the side. how high or low a sound is. Hard
Sound Waves number of wavelengths that pass by a point. max distance from the resting position. material a wave travels through. lowest frequency a material vibrates at. used by animals, reflected sound. Hard
Sound, Light and Magnets The process where light passes through an object and bends. You can hear it. Used to find which direction to travel. This uses magnets. The angle measured between the normal and the reflected ray. The ray created from light bending inside an object. Hard
Sources of Energy Reading relating to the energy that is released when the nucleus (= central part) of an atom is divided. without limits. a strong wall built across a river to stop the water. relating to, or involving, the sun:. be able to develop into something or be developed in the future. Big
Special Property of Matter the ability to conduct heat. property of solid to be hammered into sheets. property of solid to be broken into pieces. the ability of a material to hold liquid to a certain extent. the ability of a material to be bent without breaking. Older Children
State of Matter the state of being thick, sticky, and semifluid in consistency, due to internal friction. Matter takes the shape of its container and has a definite volume. The conversion of a substance from one physical form to another . Describe a physical or chemical change in which energy is absorbed . Describe a physical or chemical change which energy is released or removed . Hard
States of Matter going from a gas to a solid. a material with a fixed volume but not a fixed shape. going from a solid to a liquid. going from a solid to a gas. going from a gas to a liquid. Big
States of Matter The process where something turns from a solid to a gas. The process where something turns from a gas to a solid. The process where something turns from a liquid to a solid. Out of gas, liquid and solid which one has a flexible shape and can be visibly seen . The boiling point of water is ___ _______ degrees celcius. Older Children
Structure of an Atom the graduale wearing away of a metal element due toa chemical reaction. a one-or-two-letter representation of an element. an atom with the same number of protons and a different number of neutrons from other atoms of the same element. a horizontal row of elements in the periodic table. a small particle in the nucleus of an atom, with no electrical charge. Hard
Structure of an Atom Complete the puzzle using capital letters He concluded that Cathode rays are negatively charged and named them electrons. James chadwick. Number of protons and neutrons. Elements with same atomic number but different mass number. Neutrons carry . Older Children
Structure of an Atom the joining of two atomic nuclei to form a single nucleus of greater mass. are found in the nucleus. are composed of three type of particles. have extra electrons that create a negative charge. Subatomic particle. Hard
The Cycling of Matter Read the clue closely, and use the word bank to complete the following crossword. organisms that produce ammonia and nitrates. process that uses fuels and releases carbon dioxide. when chemicals wash off farmed land onto uncontaminated land or water. what nitrogen gas is turned into in the nitrogen cycle. part of environment that phosphorus does NOT cycle through. Hard
The Electromagnetic Spectrum What type of wave on the electromagnetic spectrum has the lowest energy?. If a wave has a high frequency, it has a _____ wavelength.. A wave with ____ energy has a low frequency.. What color in visible light has the longest wavelength?. What color in visible light has the shortest wavelength?. Older Children
The Electromagnetic Spectrum EM waves with wavelengths just shorter than those of UV rays. EM waves with wavelengths shorter than those of radio waves. the light that vibrates in one direction as it passes through a filter. radio waves with the shortest wavelengths and the highest frequencies. waves with the longest wavelengths and lowest frequencies. Hard
The Forces All of these answers are to do with forces. It is an opposing force caused by friction between the liquid or gas and the surface of an object. This is a force that slows the movement of an object due to rough surfaces. This shape helps air to pass over and below an object smoothly. It is something that measures weight which is sometimes called a spring-balance. What are forces mesured by?. Older Children
The Particle Theory of Matter Matter consisting of only one type of particle.. A mixture where individual particles can be identified.. The measure of gravity pulling on a mass.. The transfer of heat energy through solids.. A substance that is dissolved in a solvent.. Hard
The States of Matter something which has no fixed shape but has a fixed volume. something that powers a circuit. a property of metal. the process of a liquid turning into a gas.. the process of a gas turning into a liquid. Older Children
The Structure of the Atom compete the crossword below uncharged particles found within the atomic nuclei. the central part of an atom, compsed of protons ans neutrons. a fast-moving electron emitted by radioactive decay of substances. have the same number of protons and electrons, thus they have the same atomic number and same chemical reactions. particles responsible for binding quarks to each other. Older Children
The Structure of The Atom The protons in the nucleus. . Has no charge. . Positives and ____ are included in the nucleus. . The small particles found in atoms. . Basic units of matter. . Older Children
The Structure Of The Atom The charge of a proton. Another name for an unstable atom. The man who created the idea of the electron. The neutral particle in an atom. The charge of an electron. Hard
The World of Energy either of two units of heat energy. the SI base unit of thermodynamic temperature equal in magnitude to the degree celsius. force that acts to oppose sliding between two surfaces that are touching. it's energy in a mechanical form. the process of becoming smaller. Hard
Thermal Energy Atoms and molecules, the smallest particles of any substance, are always in _________. The basic building blocks of the 'normal' matter that we see in the Universe are __________. The motion of thermal energy is usually not visible, but we can feel or see its ____________. _________________ that has a temperature has Thermal Energy. . The faster the atoms or molecules move, the higher the temperature, and the more atoms or molecules that are in motion, the greater the _____________ of heat they transfer.. Hard
Thermal Energy Fill in the Cross Word Coldest Tempeture. Temperature increase in a body of water that is caused by human activity . Energy is transferred . Movement of LIQUID . Due to transit of one to source to another. Big
Thermal Energy he energy released when 1 kg of steam condenses is the ____ of water.. Reverse process of heat engine.. Heat engines convert thermal energy into ____ energy. The freezing point of water on the ____ scale is 273 degrees.. As particles collide, they _________ energy.. Hard
Thermal Physics What is the process where a liquid is rapidly changed into a gas. What is the unit of thermal energy. What is the process where a gas becomes a liquid. What is the measure of how much thermal energy something has. What is the process where a liquid becomes a solid. Big
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