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10 Rules For Dealing With The Police Crossword Puzzle

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10 rules for dealing with the police

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Across Down
1 The __________ are eager to uphold searches and seizures in determining guilt.
2 In a police confrontation always try and remain ______ and cool.
3 ...'You have the right to remain ______...'
4 You always have the right to ________ searches.
5 An expired registration is not probable cause to ______ your vehicle
8 Many police officers _____ their power and unfortunately,'get-away-with-it.'
10 You can't talk your way out of a police ____________ without having a lawyer present
11 police can stop someone if the individual matches a _________ of a criminal suspect.
12 Being _______ [action] with police is stupid and dangerous.
15 Never ask a police officer for his ________ number
17 In a police traffic stop, the operator of the vehicle is ________ for the contents within.
18 'In all criminal prosecutions the accused has the right to have assistance of _______.'
20 Report ________ misconduct: Be a good witness.
21 ...'If you cannot afford an attorney, one will be ____________ for you.'
23 When you agree to 'empty-your-pockets' you are agreeing to search & ________.
24 If an infraction occurs with you & your friends, all parties may be guilty-by _________.
25 If under the age of 18 and interrogated by police, you must have a ______ with you.
29 _____ _____ (2) means that police have clear information you are involved in a crime.
31 Police may legally ____ to you to gain a confession or incriminating information.
32 ...'Anything you say can and _____ be used against you in a court of law..'
33 Aggressive behavior/movements may result in the use of a '_____' or other weapons.
34 Police may legally ____ you out of your vehicle and you should comply.
1 Do not ___________ the authority of a police officer
2 Inviting the police into your house may be you, giving __________ to search and seize.
4 ...'Un___________________ search and seizures shall not be tolerated..'
6 Don't get tricked into waiving your _______.
7 'Never ______ [action] from the police.' This may indicate, probable cause.
9 Probable cause is reason to search a vehicle, including unlocking the ______ box.
10 It is permissible to not carry________________ unless the are driving a vehicle.
13 Police officers may become aggressive if they feel ____________.
14 An attorney has a much better chance to _____your case if you said no to a search
16 Choice of words,_____ language, cursing etc will determine how an officer may react
19 Giving your 'CONSENT-TO-SEARCH' is considered a ____ right to search by the court.
22 Never tell the officer 'I _____ my rights' instead, show the officer you know them
26 When asked for your I.D. and not _______, ask: 'Officer, am I free to go?'
27 If police have 'reasonable suspicion', they may pat-down the _____ of your clothing
28 Billy Murphy, host of the program was most noted as a criminal _______ attorney.
29 The only thing you need to sign for the police is the '______' to appear in court
30 Unless you're detained or __________ ask the officer if you are 'free to go.'
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