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4th Grade Science Crossword Puzzle

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4th Grade Science

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Across Down
2 To push away.
6 The pattern of seasonal weather that happens year after year.
8 The disappearance of a species when the last of its kind dies.
9 A deep valley with steep sides.
10 radiant energy from the Sun.
12 A form of energy that allows you to see objects.
14 To change from a liquid to a solid.
15 A trait that helps an organism survive in its environment.
16 An organism that gets energy by eating other living things.
17 All the living and nonliving things in an area.
18 The dropping off of sediment.
22 An object through which light can pass, but which light scatters.
23 The amount of matter making up an object.
24 When a gas changes to a liquid.
26 Using Earth materials wisely.
29 A hollow rea or pit in the ground.
30 The path along which current flows.
31 The smallest unit of living matter.
32 The act of spinning around an axis.
1 The breaking down of rocks into smaller pieces.
3 An animal that eats herbivores and omnivores.
4 A thick sheet of ice and rock.
5 The amount of matter in a given space.
7 A force that works against motion.
11 The way an object seems to move.
13 The change in distance over time.
19 The wearing away and removal of weathered rock and sediment.
20 An object that blocks light from passing through.
21 A characteristic of a living thing.
25 A trait in which an animal hides by blending in with its environment.
27 The bending of light as it passes from one material to another.
28 An animal that eats both producers and consumers.
33 A real or imaginary line that a spinning object spins around.
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