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Across Down
7 The division of a market on the basis of consumers response to a product.
8 The division of a market on the basis of where consumers are located.
9 The manner in which individuals act; conduct.
10 Summary submitted by each salesperson to provide certain details to the management about his/her activities and performance over a given period. It includes information such as the number of customer visits made, demonstrations performed,and accounts
12 Process by which marketers ensure that products are distributed to customers efficiently and effectively. A marketing function that involves identifying,selecting,monitoring, and evaluating sales channels.
13 Paths, or routes, that goods or services take from the producer to the ultimate consumer or industrial user.
14 Choosing among alternatives.
15 The physical and social characteristics of the population.
16 The total number of channel members in a channel of distribution.
17 Businesses or individuals who assist in moving goods and services from the producer to the consumer.
18 Customers expression of dissatisfaction.
19 Detailed log of expenses recorded by an employee that is submitted to an employer either for reimbursement or tracking of any money spent.
1 Records of a sales peoples meetings or contacts with customers.
2 A marketing function that determines the need for and availability of financial resources to aid in marketing activities.
3 Uses the product.
4 Purchases the product.
5 An approximation of data;an 'educated guess.'
6 The division of a market on the basis of its physical and social characteristics.
11 A true statement.
19 The process of trading one good/service for another. A transfer of ownership.
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