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Across Down
3 starving, extreme hunger. Ex) After our long run, the whole team was famished and was ready for the pizza.
6 to give in, let it go. Ex)I had to relinquish my iPad because I didnt do my homework.
7 able to adapt to different settings. Ex) A wolf is a versatile animal, it can adapt to many different weather settings.
8 going for something, following. Ex)If they cant do the early on lessons, they will be behind in the subsequent lessons.
9 crazy, unaware of whats going on. Ex) After the bad call at the Packer game, everyone was delirious.
1 to believe as true, accurate.Ex) I refuse to concede that we lost that game because we played so well.
2 naturaly beautiful. Ex) The trees in the fall are idyllic with all the colors.
4 unavoidable Ex) Soccer practices are inevitable, we have to go so we can learn our plays.
5 to dislike. Ex) Since he always got made fun of, he began to abhor sports.
10 seeming if trouble is at hand. Ex) The traffic was ominous, we knew we were going to be late.
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