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Across Down
3 Extremely small subgroup of a larger market. Relatively new trend resulting from improved technological research abilities have enabled marketers to pin point which specific market segments are buying what products.
5 Documentation of unfilled product demand and reasons why the demand was not fulfilled (price, product availability or back order, product specifications, etc.)
7 Data available from inside and outside the business that have been processed and organized so that they can be used to create, communicate, and deliver value to customers and for managing customer relations in ways that benefit the organization.
9 A Philosophy of conducting business that is based on the belief that all business activities should be aimed toward satisfying consumer wants and needs while achieving company goals.
10 The result of not fulfilling the demand of a customer product request. Or on simpler terms, if you had the product and the price was right, the customer would have to purchase the product from you.
11 Interrelated activities that must work together to get goods and services from producers to consumers.
12 Plan of action for achieving marketing goals and objectives.
14 Marketing element focusing on considerations in getting a selected product in the right place at the right time.
16 The division of a total market into smaller, more specific groups.
19 One of the groups into which the total market is divided.
1 Designing products and directing marketing activities in order to appeal to the whole market; also known as undifferentiated marketing.
2 The combination of the four elements of marketing-product,price, place, and promotion.
4 The process of accessing, processing, maintaining, evaluating, and disseminating knowledge, facts,or data for the purpose of assisting business decision making.
6 Things that businesses want to attain; objectives.
8 A marketing function that involves gathering, accessing, synthesizing, evaluating, and disseminating information to aid in business decisions.
13 The management function of deciding what will be done and how it will be accomplished. the management function of deciding what will be done and how it will be accomplished; the decision making process of determining what goods will be sold.
15 A customer or potential customer who has an unfulfilled desire and is financially able and willing to satisfy that desire.
17 An organizational function and a set of processes for creating, communicating,and delivering value to customers and for managing customer relations in ways that benefit the organization and its stockholders.
18 Anything required to live (lowest level of maslowes hierarchy)
20 Tangible products(can physically touch)
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