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Vocab Words Crossword Puzzle

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vocab words

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Across Down
2 an organism that makes its own food
3 a final and stable community
4 each step in the transfer of energy through a food chain or web in an ecosystem
5 a type of succession that occurs on a surface where no ecosystem excisted before
6 a gradual process of change and the replacement of the types of species in a community
7 a sequence in which energy is transferred from one organism to the next as each organism eats another organism
8 the first organisms to colonize any newly avaailable area time
9 organisms that get their energy by eating other organisms
11 plants use sun to make sugar molecules
12 a process by which carbon is cycled between the atmosphere, land, water, and organisms
13 consumers who get their food by breaking down dead organisms
14 the process of breaking down food to yield energy
15 the more common type of succession, occurs on a surface where an ecosystem has previously existed
16 a process in which nitrogen is cycled between the atmoshphere, bacteria, and other organisms
1 the only organisms that can fix atmoshpheric nitrogen into chemical compounds are a few species of bacteria
2 the movement of phosphorus from the environment to organisms and then back to the enviornment
10 shows many feeding relationships that are possible in an ecosystem
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