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                                        J   C                  
                E                   W T O   A                  
                X                       I   P A R E N T F I R M
                C                       N   I                  
                H                       T   T     S            
                A                       V   A     A            
      D U M P I N G                     E   L     N            
    I           G                       N   A     C            
    M           E               N       T   C     T            
    P       W O R L D B A N K   A       U   C     I            
    O           A               F       R   O     O            
    R           T               T       E   U     N            
    T     I N T E R N A T I O N A L B U S I N E S S            
    I     N                                 T   U              
    N O N T A R I F F B A R R I E R S           B              
    G     E                           Q         S              
      C U R R E N T A C C O U N T     U         I              
          N                           O         D              
        B A L A N C E O F P A Y M E N T S       I              
          T                           A         A              
          I                                     R              
      W H O L L Y O W N E D S U B S I D A R Y   I              
          N                                     E              
      I   A                                     S              
      M U L T I N A T I O N A L F I R M S                      
      F   L                                                    
        H I G H C O N T E X T C U L T U R E                    
          E U R O P E A N U N I O N         H                  
          N                         P       O                  
          S T R A T E G I C A L L I A N C E S                  
  H       I                         C   U   T                  
L O W C O N T E X T C U L T U R E   I   L   C                  
  M       G   X   R       A     M   F   T   O                  
  E           P   A       R     B   I   U   U                  
  C           O   D       I     A   C   R   N                  
  O           R   I       F     R   R   E   T                  
  U           T   N       F     G   I       R                  
  N           I   G       S     O   M       Y                  
  T           N   B                                            
  R           G   L                                            
  Y               O                                            
Across Down
4 organization that creates and enforces rules governing trade among countries (abbv.)
5 company headquarters is also known as
7 selling goods in a foreign country below cost
10 provides low-cost, long-term loans to less developed countries
11 business activities that happen between two or more countries
13 non-tax methods of discouraging trade
15 records value of goods and services exported, imported from foreigners and other income and payments
16 an accounting statement that records all international transactions
17 a firm in business abroad without any partners
19 a firm that owns or controls production in more than one country
20 communication occurs through nonverbal signs and indirect suggestions i.e. Japan
21 this is an example of a trading bloc
24 when firms agree to cooperate of certain aspects of business while competing in others
27 where people communicate directly and explicitly i.e. United states
1 two or more firms share costs of doing business, and share profits
2 records investment funds going in and out of a country
3 value of on country's currency expressed in the other country's currency
6 bans specific business ties with a foreign country
8 buying goods or services from a foreign country
9 trading bloc with USA, Canada, and Mexico (abbv.)
11 when one company allows a company in another country to make and sell products according to certain specifications
12 foreign branches when registered as independent legal entities
14 limits the quantity of units allowed to enter a country
18 helps countries facing serious financial difficulties
22 where a business has facilities
23 countries on the western edge of the Pacific Ocean
25 customs, beliefs and values of a country
26 country where the businesses headquarters is
28 selling products or services to buyers in another country
29 two or more countries who remove all restrictions between them on sales of goods and services
30 taxes on foreign goods
31 government ban prohibiting companies from doing business in certain countries
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