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A Raisin IN The Sun Crossword Puzzle Answer

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A Raisin in the Sun

                            P       R        
                            L       E   M    
              B             U       V   I    
              R             N       E   R    
              I             D       R   A    
          D E S P A I R     E       I   G    
              K       E N T R E P R E N E U R
              L       T                      
              Y     P R E C A R I O U S L Y  
          M O N O L O G U E                  
            U         R                      
W R O U G H T     I D E A L I S T            
            M         S                      
    O M I N O U S     S                      
            D     F L I P P A N C Y          
            E         O                      
      A M I D       A N G U I S H E D        
                    I   A         P          
                    L   I         I          
                    S   T         T          
Across Down
5 hopelessness
7 a person who starts a business
8 placed dangerously
9 long speech or talk made by one person
11 shaped; made
12 a person who pursues high or noble principles, purposes, goals--sometimes to the point of being unrealistic
13 an evil or threatening omen; foreboding
14 casualness; without seriousness
15 among; in the midst of
16 showing great suffering as from worry or grief
1 to rob of goods by force; loot
2 a state of dreamy or fanciful mediation; a daydream
3 something that seems to be real but is not; illusion
4 quickly; speedily
6 movement backward; going from a better to a worse state
10 out of style
16 pains or makes ill
17 a manner of walking, stepping, or running
18 inscription on a tombstone; summary of a deceased person's life
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