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A Scandal IN Bohemia Crossword Puzzle

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A Scandal in Bohemia

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Across Down
1 an insulting or mocking remark; a taunt
6 to exert controlling power or influence; to hold advantage in number or power
8 questionable, suspicious
9 a feeling of guilt or moral scruple that prevents or follows the doing of something bad
11 a state of deep sorrow
12 unlimited freedom to act as one wishes or thinks best
13 (of a person or their tendencies) not able to be corrected, improved, or reformed
14 impossible to be separated from
20 a feeling of listlessness and dissatisfaction arising from a lack of occupation or excitement
21 (of a person or mental process) intelligently analytical and clear-thinking
2 the action, treated as a criminal offense, of demanding payment or another benefit from someone in return for not revealing compromising or damaging information about them
3 (of a place) gone through hurriedly, with things stolen and property damaged
4 noble, lofty; held in high regard
5 to cover or overshadow something or someone
7 the state of expressing strong disapproval or disagreement
10 of uncertain, indefinite, or unclear character or meaning
14 never changing
15 to make more appealing by adding details or features
16 disloyalty; betrayal of trust
17 (of a person) having one's true identity concealed
18 inspiring disgust and loathing; repugnant
19 expressing feelings of gratitude, pleasure, or approval in an unrestrained or heartfelt manner
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