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A Separate Peace Crossword Puzzle

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A Separate Peace

                          1     2     3              
14                 15                                  
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Across Down
4 Spanish or Portuguese VIP
5 This is where Finny tells Gene that he is his 'best pal'
6 There are two of them at Devon
8 This makes Finny look like a fairy according to Gene
9 Symoblism of death, or funeral
11 Wise, sensible
13 Finny has a lot of strength, but people like to weigh him down, what is the word that describes this. (It has two words.)
14 He is too humble to pronounce he beat the school's swimming record; ignorant; non-academic
15 Brinker feels this way before the court scene
16 Not given essential elements needed for development
18 Super Suicide Society of the Summer Session
19 Srong heavy shoes
21 A first for Devon; unusual; out of control; not strict
22 Crazy
24 Figuratively speaking - Cold War
25 Coarse canvas woven from jute, hemp, or a similar fiber, used esp. for sacking
27 Where it all goes down
30 Easy accomplishment
32 Snide (synonym)
33 The Winter Session represented a cold and ___ period in the lives of the characters of A Separate Peace.
34 A violent rainstorm
35 You have a ___ on the book; you know what happens
36 offensive repugnant
1 Finny trains Gene for these, but they never come
2 Marked by spirit and joy
3 Cause someone to feel completely baffeled
6 This can bring out the good in people, but it can also bring out the bad in people; it ruined Gene's and Finny's relationship
7 He is the instigator, rival and wants to find 'Justice'
10 Gene was___ when Finny got hurt
12 Root word for hypnotize
15 Surreptitiousness plot created in secret by multiple parties
17 In both the Butt Room and the Assembly Room, Brinker ___ Gene and voice his beuets about Finny's 'Accident'
20 Castrate
21 The ____ Summer of 1942
23 There are two types of ___ at Devon: The physical ___ and the ___ among the students
26 a minor dispute
28 What ultimately kills Finny
29 Damage
31 Silent
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