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A Ticket Around The World Crossword Puzzle

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A Ticket Around the World

                                2   3        
7                                   8        
11             12                     13        
                18 19             20            
              21               22              
Across Down
4 A kingdom in North Africa
6 Buenos dias
7 The Tour de ___________ takes place here
8 Known for its ancient temples, spicy curries, and the game of cricket
9 A tribe of people who live in the desert year round
10 The only country in the world that covers a whole continent
11 means 'hello' in Setswana
12 Pastries filled with honey and almonds
14 Famous for erupting more than fifty times in the last four hundred years
15 Found in Southeast Asia
17 The Hashemite Kingdom in the Middle East
18 Once to be the only people who lived in Australia
21 Brazilian soccer
22 This large country has many different landscapes, from deserts to oceans to mountains
23 Largest country in South America
24 United States neighboring country
1 A country divided into three regions
2 A small country in Central America
3 A traditional French-Canadian meat pie
5 A long, loose, hooded robe with sleeves
6 This wall was built to protect the Chinese Empire from attack
13 One of the most visited museums in the world
16 The Festival of Colors
19 Most of this country is covered by the Kalahari Desert
20 A city in Greece known for its ancient monuments and works of art
24 An island known for its olive trees
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