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A Tree Grows IN Brooklyn Crossword Puzzle

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A Tree Grows In Brooklyn

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Across Down
3 What religious views does the person who delivers Sissy's baby have
5 How many days does Johnny disappear for before they find him dead
6 What is Johnny from a political standpoint
9 What is Florry Wendy's gender
14 What store does Cheap Charlie own
15 Who cried the loudest at Johnny's funeral
16 Book two is made up of a...
17 What religion do most of the characters in the book practice
18 Who does Neeley resemble physically
19 Evy is well known for excellent and very entertaining...
21 Where does Francie read her books
23 On Saturdays, Francie checks out two books from this place
24 This is a big problem that Johnny has
25 On this holiday, all of the neighborhood children go around to all the different shops and beg for treats
1 Where did Mary Rommely immigrate from
2 What Instrument is Katie determined to learn how to play
4 Where is Francie's desk job
7 When the family can afford to send only one child to high school, who does Katie pick
8 What is Katie's older sister's name
10 How many years younger is Neeley than Francie
11 Johnny is extraordinarily proud of a pin that he got from the...
12 Sergeant McShane is a retired policeman who is now a successful...
13 Who's wagon does Frank drive
15 In the courtyard is a tree called The Tree of...
20 Sissy adopts a...
22 Francie's age when the novel begins
25 How old is Florry Wendy
26 What is Lee Rhynor's occupation
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