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A Wrinkle IN Time Crossword Puzzle

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A Wrinkle In Time

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Across Down
3 The Popular but very intelligent boy who also likes Meg?
6 Who is the women who is very happy and has a crystal ball?
8 Who says, 'Wee wwil cconnttinnue tto ffightt!'?
9 The theme of the book, 'white vs black?'
11 The genre of the book is a mixture of science, fantasy, and fiction, what is it?
14 The 'tramp,' who stole the bedsheets from the neighbor?
16 The creature with no vision who helps Meg.
17 Charles and Mrs. Whatsit do this so they can communicate easier?
1 According to Meg, what does Mrs. Whatsit look like when she transforms?
2 Meg goes on this adventure to find, what?
3 The youngest but smartest child?
4 The planet where everything and every one is the same?
5 The thing that made Meg, Charles, and Calvin able to breathe on the 2D planet?
7 Who or what was the family member in the Murry's, named Fortinbras?
10 The book states that you should always stay together with your...?
12 The cunning and hypnotizing creature on the planet, Camatoz?
13 How does Meg, Charles, Calvin the the three Mrs. W's travel?
15 The beautiful and patient mother?
17 The insecure girl who is bound to find her father?
18 The thing Meg wears on her face that makes her diffferent from others?
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