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A Wrinkle IN Time Crossword Puzzle

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A Wrinkle in Time

                                      1       2                    
                        5     6                                    
              7                 8                     9            
                11   12           13                                  
                    14                                 15            
                                    19       20   21                  
                      22       23         24                          
    25 26     27                                                      
Across Down
4 lying flat on the back or away from the body
6 watchfulness especially in detecting and escaping danger
7 to control, discipline, or bring into subjection
10 angered by unawarranted accusations, injustice, meanness, etc.
12 mean; cheap
13 to absorb into the bodies system
14 governed by or arising from sound judgement
15 thin clouds driven by a strong wind
16 gloomy, ill-humored, and unnoticible
17 not intended; accidentaly
18 amazing; marvolous; great
23 to fall into disrepair
25 lacking in substance
28 a marsh; swamp
29 intensly eager; very keen
30 to sink in, level, or settle down into a lower position
1 to behave frivolously
2 the four dimensional analogue of a cube
3 not easily roused
5 possessed by or manifesting frenzy; hectic; violently agitated
8 an open enemy; rival
9 doubtful; having doubts
11 open to attack, hurt or injury; cappable of being hurt or wounded
19 a frisking, playful leaping
20 able to be perceived by the sense of touch
21 to take strong exeption (what is thouight to be unjust, interfering, insulting, critical, etc.
22 calmness; clearness
24 to chant; to sing the opening phrase of
26 to destroy the smoothness or regularity of
27 easily handledor controlled plient
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