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Abolition Crossword Puzzle

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Across Down
2 the war fought over slavery
4 the piece written by William Lloyd Garrison to inform people about the horrible things of slavery
6 people who favored abolition, the ending of slavery
7 somone who owns a slave
8 a man who belived in overthrowing slavery
9 these were sisters that were leaders in the aboliton movement
10 an escaped slave who became a leader in the abolition movement and spoke to many through talking to groups
13 a strong woman leader who fought for both women’s rights and abolition
14 where many slaves were forced to worked
16 where slavery commonly still took place before the movement
1 this was one of the main cash crops that was produced by slaves
3 an abolitionist who wrote about the horrors of slavery
5 the newspaper Frederick Douglass wrote that states “Right is of no sex - Truth is of no color - God is the father of us all, and we were all Brethren”
11 where owners got their slaves
12 what slaves were seen as to some people
15 even though some people in these states opposed slavery, sales of things produced by slaves in the South was still supported.
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