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                        1   2                    
        4         5                 6           7
    8                             9              
        16                         17              
19     20                                          
              21     22     23     24                
26 27       28                                      
Across Down
6 perceptible by the sense of sight or vision
8 to state something without proof or evidence
10 book or other written and other printed work
11 vocal sound made by vibrating muscular bands in larynx
12 exchanging information or news
13 physically explore or examine with the hands or an instrument
14 to recognize a fact or importance or quality of
15 to look directly into the eyes of another
18 most noticeable or important
20 process of talking about something
21 relating to, use of mutimedia
26 reasons gievn with aim to persuade others that something is right or wrong
1 action of conveying information, or expressing one's thought and feelings verbally
2 information indicating whether the claim is true or valid
3 take notice of an act on what someone says
4 main point of speech or piece of writing
5 degree of sound intensity or audibility, loudness
7 something that is spoken, utterance, remark, declaration
9 posture of body appropriate to or expressive of an action, emotion
12 set of reasons put forward to oppose an idea or theory developed in another arguement
16 individual feature, fact, item
17 important topic or problem for debate or discussion
19 main ideas of mass ccommunication
22 matter dealt with in text, discourse, conversation, or subject
23 make something clearer to another by describing in more detail
24 examine methodically, and in detail
25 brief statement or the main points of something
27 to think carefully or deeply about
28 make partial or minor changes to improve something
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