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Addison%92s Energy Crossword Puzzle

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Addisonís Energy

Fill in the blanks according to the hints/definitions

                                1         2                    
                                                  6   7        
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                      18                       19                
20   21                                                          
            22                     23                            
24           25     26                                            
Across Down
5 How energy is measured
7 A fundamental property of all matter
8 The process in which energy is released
9 Energy supplied by an electric current
11 The energy to do work
12 The sum of potential energy and kinetic energy
13 The potential energy an object has because of gravity
15 The process in which energy is transferred directly through touch
16 The point in which particles are at their slowest
18 The potential of a chemical substance to turn into other substances
22 In increase/decrease of the frequency in light/sound
24 Energy an object possesses when in motion
1 The degree of heat in an object or person
2 An instrument used for measuring temperatures/heat
3 Scale of temperature
4 The energy released after a nuclear fusion
6 The quality of being hot
8 The electric waves moving through space
10 The magnitude of the change of its position
14 Electromagnetic waves moving through space
17 The energy contained in an object responsible for itís heat
19 The force that attracts an object/body towards earth
20 Energy being converted to use force
21 The form of energy that can be heard by other living things
23 The process in which water moves energy
25 Scale of temperature most commonly used throughout the world
26 The capacity for doing work
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