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Adopt A Hedgehog Crossword Puzzle

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Adopt a Hedgehog


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Across Down
1 Month when hedgehogs are born
6 A hedgehog makes this noise
7 Hedgehogs are born like this at birth
10 Hedgehogs can be very noisy during this time!
11 A group of hedgehogs
13 Describes hedgehog behaviour of sleeping during the day and being active at night
14 Latin word for hedgehogs
17 Ritual performed by a hedgehog when it encounters a new scent
19 Hedgehogs have an acute sense of this
20 Season when hedgehogs are at their heaviest
21 Hedgehogs like to eat these, hence why they’re known as the gardener’s friend!
22 Term used to describe the grey-brown fur along the flanks of a hedgehog
24 Hedgehogs use these as a form of self-defence
2 Old-fashioned name for hedgehog
3 Hedgehogs roll into this when threatened
4 Preferred habitat of a hedgehog
5 A hedgehog’s nest is made of these
7 Remember to check this for hedgehogs in November
8 The number of years a hedgehog lives for on average
9 Average number of hedgehogs in a litter
10 Shape of a hedgehog’s droppings
12 Baby hedgehog
15 Hedgehogs do this during the winter when their natural food source is scarce
16 Favourite food of hedgehogs
18 The number of spines on a hedgehog!
23 Number of toes a hedgehog has
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