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Adventures IN Australia Crossword Puzzle

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Adventures in Australia

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Across Down
2 The last name of a young Auzzie player who's currently 16!
3 There was a constant _________ of white water as the speed boat was cruising along.
7 ____________ is a type of surfing which is quite challenging, because it's powered by the wind and balance often hinders you.
8 The March Fly is also known as the ________________. (hyphen)
10 A New Zealand word for a pit toilet. (hyphen)
11 A fireplace can be described as a small ____________.
12 An emerald-green colour with a tinge of blue.
14 The unfortunate ____________ left victims' relatives devastated.
17 Another word for a marina.
18 Fish is another word for _____________.
19 A _____________ is a young horse.
1 A place of endless beauty and delight.
4 A type of heat that leaves you feeling clammy and sweaty.
5 My skin turned a dark shade of ________ when I was in Hamilton Island.
6 Bob was ____________________ when he thought he forgot his wallet.
9 The sand at Whitehaven beach is made up of 98% _______ and is great for polishing jewelry!
13 A prism of light.
15 It's a place for your foot and the name of the smallest bone in your body.
16 immature or inexperienced.
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