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Advertising Crossword Puzzle

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Across Down
2 using sentimental images (especially families, kids, and animals) to sell products
4 imply a promise by using words like 'usually' or 'chances are'
6 The consumer group most likely to buy a specific product identified by region, age, demographics, or economic status.
8 a claim by a celebrity or someone of authority that the product is good or good for you
9 using good-looking models in ads to suggest we'll look like the models if we buy the product.
16 uses the paraphernalia of science (charts, graphs) to prove something that is often bogus. Statistics and factual information can be used to prove the superiority of the product
17 using descriptive words to 'catch' the consumer's attention. Often used in a jingle or slogan
1 Aimed at comparing the benefits offered by the product being promoted with the fewer benefits offered by competing products.
3 a phrase used to advertise a product or to identify a company or organization
5 an image that is a company or product identifier
7 is a powerful tool of persuasion. If you can make people laugh, you can persuade them
10 an exaggeration - The words are impressive sounding but are vague and meaningless
11 media vehicle used to reach consumers including television, radio, magazines
12 everyone is doing it or in this case buying it; 'in' with the popular crowd
13 a short song, usually mentioning a brand or product benefit, used in a commercial
14 a highly personal judgement
15 drives the message home many times. Even unpleasant ads work if they are repeated enough to pound the message into our skulls
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