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Africa Crossword Puzzle

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3 Mali was located along the ____ Niger River.
4 The ____ river is the longest river in Africa.
6 The emperor _____ Ali built Songhai into the largest state that had ever existed in West Africa.
9 The tallest people in Africa are the _____.
10 There are 53 _____ on the continent Africa.
12 Mali's first strong leader,______, conquered Ghana and took over the gld and salt trades.
13 The Great _____ Valley divides Kenya in half, from north to South.
15 The _______ invaded Ghana and cut off many trade routes.
16 There are about 900 _____ people in Africa.
17 Mansa Musa made the city of _____.
18 Muhammad Ture made _____ the religon of his kingdom.
19 Silk,____,beads,and Islam was traded with Africa from Asia and Europe.
20 A storyteller from Africa.
21 The invasion of the _____ in Songhai led to the fall of Songhai.
25 The trading kingdom ____ thrived in East Africa.
26 The empire of Ghana reached its peak under Tunka ____'s rule.
27 Three trading kingdoms of West Africa were Ghana,_____,and Songhai.
1 Ghana also absorbed ______ writing and Muslim styles of architecture.
2 A process in which people exchanged goods without contacting each other directly is called _____ barter.
5 ___ from the southeast poured into Mali and set fire to Timbuktuís great schools and mosques.
6 Gold and ____ were the most important products traded in Africa.
7 Mt. ______ is the highest mountain peak in Africa.
8 The _____ kingdom was the most powerful kingdom in West Africa by 1492.
11 The smallest people in Africa are the _____.
14 _____ in Ghana had high status and played an active role in the economic life in the empire.
16 ___ merchants brought their religion when they settled in the kingdom of Ghana.
21 Mali was ruled by powerful kings called _____.
22 Powerful African existed until the 19th ______.
23 ______ is the 2nd largest continent.
24 The _____ desert is the largest desert in Africa.
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