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Africa Crossword Puzzle

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Across Down
3 Word for a journey or trip through Africa's wildlife areas
5 This sea separates Africa from Yemen & Saudi Arabia
6 This is Africa's largest country
8 The greatest number of these large animals are found in Africa
9 The newest nation in Africa created in 2011.
10 The largest city in Africa and the capital of Egypt
13 Large island off the southeast coast of Africa
14 The largest lake in Africa
15 The second largest desert in the world is in Africa
16 The longest river in the world is in Africa
17 Cape at the southern tip of Africa
18 Many of this country's citizens have migrated to Africa recently
19 This is the most common religion in Africa
21 The largest country in Africa
1 The world's tallest animal lives in Africa
2 The world's largest primate is found in African jungles
4 African country that had one of the oldest civilizations
7 Famous civil rights leader of South Africa
11 More than 90% of the cases of this disease occur in Africa
12 This country is Africa's biggest oil producer
20 This is the most common language spoken in Africa
22 World continent with the second largest population
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