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Age OF Exploration Crossword Puzzle Answer

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Age of Exploration

                  C L A S S I C A L    
                    A               P  
                    N       C       R  
                    T       O       E  
              S T R A I T   M       S  
                    T       P       I  
                    I       A       D  
                    O       S       I  
        M       C O N Q U I S T A D O R
        O       I                      
        S     P R O T E S T A N T I S M
        Q       C                     I
        U       U                     S
      R E F O R M A T I O N           S
                N                     I
          R E N A I S S A N C E       O
                V                     N
              P I L G R I M A G E      
                A     C           I   C
                T E N A N T F A R M E R
A S T R O L A B E     P   E       M   U
                      E   C       U   S
                          H       N   A
                          N       I   D
                          O       T   E
                  P U E B L O     Y    
Across Down
2 Related to the culture of ancient Greece or Rome
5 A narrow passage of water between two larger bodies of water
7 A Spanish explorer
8 A form of Christianity that was in opposition to the Catholic church
10 A sixteenth-century religious movement rejecting or changing some Roman Catholic teachings and practices and establishing the Protestant churches
11 A reawakening of culture and intellectual curiosity in Europe from the 1300s-1600s
12 A journey to a holy place
16 A settler who pays rent or provides work to a landowner in exchange for the right to use the landowner's land
18 An instrument used to plan a course using the stars
19 A town in the Spanish-ruled lands
1 A large farm
3 A fort
4 An instrument that shows the direction of magnetic north
6 A Muslim house of worship
7 To travel completely around something, usually by water
9 A religious community where farming was carried out and Native Americans were converted to Christianity
13 A point of land that sticks out into water, much like a peninsula
14 Resistance, such as to disease
15 A series of expeditions made by Europeans to regain control of Christian Holy sites in the Middle East from the A.D 1000s-1200s
17 The use of scientific knowledge for practical purposes
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