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Agricultural Machinery Crossword Puzzle Answer

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Agricultural Machinery

                                                S O W      
                                    S H A L L O W          
                                  S P R A Y E R            
                        H I T C H     V                    
  T I L T H                 O   A   S E E D B E D   M      
        H   M           D   W   R     S             A      
        A   O     S W A R D     D     T H R E S H I N G    
        T   W           I       P     E   O   T     U      
        C   E       C U L T I V A T O R   U   I   T R A S H
      T H O R O U G H   L       N         G   C     E     A
                    I             B       H   K           Y
      S             S P I K E H A R R O W     Y            
    C U L T I V A T E             O                        
C     B             L           H A R R O W   H            
R A I S E   D I S K P L O U G H   D         S O A K        
O     O             L             C           P            
P     I   S T A T I O N A R Y     A   T   S   P            
  B U L K           U         P E S T I C I D E            
      E     E M E R G E N C E     T   L   L   R            
F U R R O W   O     H     L           L   A                
              I           O           A   G                
              S H A N K   D           G   E                
              T               S P I K E                    
        P L O U G H           E                            
              R             W E E D                        
        B A L E R             D   U                        
            U                     N                        
            M                     G                        
Across Down
1 to put seed into soil so that they will germinate and grow.
2 of little depth
4 a device used to spray a liquid.
5 the mechanism for connecting implements to tractors. Also called drawbars. (e.g.: three point ______)
8 a good light crumbling soil prepared to be suitable for growing plants
10 an area of land tilled to produce a fine tilth, firm and level, into which seeds will be sown.
14 grasses and legumes that compose a pasture.
15 to separate grains from stalks and the seed-heads of plants.
18 farm implement for stirring and pulverizing the soil, either before planting or to remove weeds and to aerate and loosen the soil after the crop has begun to grow.
19 waste material
21 performed with great care
24 (-) harrows that have staggered teeth.
25 1. To grow crops, 2. To prepare land for growing crops.
27 implement for breaking up and smoothing out the surface of the soil.
29 to lift or move something to a higher level.
30 (-) primary tillage implement with individually mounted concave disk blades which cut and partially or completely invert a layer of soil to bury surface material
31 become saturated by a liquid.
32 not moving.
35 in large quantities, not divided into parts.
36 a chemical compound used to kill pests.
37 a stage in the growth of a plants, when the new shoot appears through the surface of the soil.
40 a long narrow cut in the ground, especially one made by a plough for planting seeds in.
41 a straight narrow part of an object
42 a pointed end of a piece of metal
43 tool used for initial cultivation of soil.
44 a plant that grows where it is not wanted.
46 machinery that is used to compress a cut and raked crop (such as hay or straw) into bales.
1 the dry stems and leaves of crops such as wheat left after the grains have been removed.
3 machine that combines the tasks of harvesting, threshing, and cleaning grain crops.
6 to pull along behind
7 a hard, cement-like layer in the soil or subsoil, which can be very harmful as it prevents good drainage and stops root development.
9 a mat of undecomposed plant material (such as grass clippings) accumulated next to the soil in a grassy area.
11 animal dung used as fertilizer.
12 a machine for cutting grass or other plants that grow on the ground.
13 1. an implement used to sow seed, 2. A little furrow for sowing seed.
16 having a broken, uneven, or bumpy surface.
17 being able to stick, as glue.
18 (-) common tool to get deep tillage with limited soil disruption.
20 grass mowed and dried before it has flowered, used for feeding animals.
22 to scatter seeds freely over an area, as opposed to sowing in drills.
23 a tillage tool which will improve growth in all crops where soil compaction is a problem.
26 a plant that is grown in large quantities, especially as food.
28 a container with a hole at the bottom, for holding seed or fertilizer granules.
33 the activity of preparing the soil for cultivation
34 food for cattle formed of grass and other green plants, cut and stored in silos.
38 a slight amount of water as found in soil, grain, etc.
39 a large lump of soil which may be difficult to break down.
42 a fertilized ovule that forms a new plant on germination.
45 solid waste excreta from animals, especially cattle, often used as fertilizer.
47 a piece or mass of solid matter without regular shape.
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