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Airway And Ventilation Crossword Puzzle

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Airway and Ventilation

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Across Down
6 rapid, deep, or shallow breathing
7 to take, suck, or inhale blood, vomit, saliva, or other foreign material into the lungs
8 a method of clearing the mouth of foreign material that presents a risk of blocking the airway
9 a hand-held breathing device consisting of a self inflating bag, a one-way valve and a face mask
11 an abnormal breath sound when breathing that can often be heard without a stethoscope
12 the addition of oxygen to the body
13 the exchange of air between the lungs and the atmosphere
14 the normal amount of air breathed at rest
15 an abnormal fine, crackling breath sound on inhalation that may be a sign of fluid in the lungs
1 the areas within the respiratory system between the pharynx and the alveoli that contains a small amount of air that does not reach the alveoli
2 an ongoing condition in which the airways swell
3 a condition in which insufficient oxygen is delivered toe he body's cells
4 a high-pitched whistling sound heard during inhalation but heard mostly on exhalation
5 a pliable, dome shaped breathing device that fits over the mouth and nose
10 a condition that causes breathing to stop periodically or be significantly reduced
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