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All About Farming Crossword Puzzle

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All About Farming

Use the clues to solve the puzzle!

        2             3       4  
        13   14           15   16    
      17         18                
Across Down
3 Made from milk for example, '------ and onion crisps'
5 Moo!
7 Seeds from which oil is extracted
8 Domesticated birds for example chickens and turkeys
10 Bright orange and there 87% water
11 Domesticated animals on farms
12 Farm animals that 'oink'
14 Produces sugar along with sugar cane
17 Used as a key ingredient in beer
1 The liquid remaining after milk has been curdled and strained
2 Are often jacketed, roasted, boiled, chipped and mashed
3 A popular breakfast food in the UK
4 When planted they can sprout plants and flowers
6 The science, technology, and business involved in plant cultivation for human use
8 Living organisms that are often green, can flower, and can be found indoors and outdoors
9 Comes from cows!
13 The flesh of animals eaten by some humans
15 Produce from chickens that contain yolk
16 An underground stem or root
18 A dairy product ANAGRAM IS: grouty
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