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All About Sharks! Crossword Puzzle

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All About Sharks!

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3 ________ shark: This shark's abnormally shaped head with eyes on either side gives it 360 degree vision.
5 Cartilaginous extensions found on male sharks used for reproduction.
6 ________ shark: Although harmless to humans, this dangerous- looking shark swims with its mouth open to catch its prey.
8 A method of camouflage that many sharks use to blend into the different light conditions from different angles.
9 ________ shark: Speedy sharks that use their unique pattern to camouflage in kelp beds or sandy flats.
11 ________ shark: Largest predatory shark that grows up to 20 feet in length using its five rows of teeth to kill their prey.
12 ________ shark: Small shark that hides during the day and hunts for sea floor invertebrates during the night.
13 Slits that allow a shark to breath by filtering the air from the water.
1 ________ shark: Distance swimmers that stay in cold water to feed on schooling fish.
2 ________ shark: The largest fish in the ocean that feed on plankton by using the filter feeding method.
4 A seventh sense that many sharks have that detects electrical fields created by the muscles contractions of their prey.
7 Encasing of a shark fetus that hatches within 9-12 months.
10 ________ shark: Spotted shark that swallows large amounts of water to expand to twice its size.
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