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American Recreation Crossword Puzzle

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American Recreation

                                        1   2 3          
                        5   6                            
                                8   9                    
  10                                       11     12        
                  13               14                      
      15   16   17                                          
              18   19                           20          
                  22                             23        
                  25                               26      
27       28                                 29              
30   31                     32           33                  
                                      34             35    
                37       38                                
                            39   40                        
                                      42     43            
              44     45                                    
                        46           47                    
Across Down
2 Landmark that Santa Monica is famous for.
4 What do you have to remember to do when you recieve a service?
5 Which city was evacuated in 2010 as Hurricane Rita approached.
8 What is the San Diego NFL Team called?
10 Las Vegas Boulevard is otherwise known as The _____
13 Whose 'Palace' do the Boys stay inThe Hangover?
14 Las Vegas Casino recognised for its fountains.
18 What city is 'LAX' located.
20 It's not a Mobile phone its a _____ phone.
21 Sytem of measurement used in the U.S.
22 Name of the group of 19 buildings where the Top of the Rock Observation deck is found.
23 Name of the killer whale show at Seaworld
25 Intersection of Broadway and Seventh.
30 Aircraft Carrier that now houses the Air and Space Museum in New York
32 Which Ocean borders the west coast of California?
34 Known as the city of Sin.
36 Australian singing group that have been playing Vegas for the last 3 years?
37 The 3 waterfalls that make up Niagara Falls are Horseshoe, American and ________
40 New York Theater District.
41 Disney World is located in this State.
42 Biggest oval racetrack in the U.S.
44 What major sporting event has Los Angeles hosted twice, 1932 &1984?
46 Vehicle used for travelling over the Florida Swamplands.
1 Ford muscle car.
3 What is Clevelands baseball team called?
6 Islands of Adventure is part of which Theme park?
7 New York underground rail system.
9 One of the Disneyland theme parks. California _________
10 What is the Name of the Stadium where the FISAC World Championships will take place?
11 What is Torontos NBA team called?
12 Name the Los Angeles MLB Baseball team.
15 Island where the Statue of Liberty is situated.
16 Los Angeles was bought from what Country?
17 What Los Angeles advertising sign was erected in 1923 and is still there today?
19 Buidling some of us will take the Skyjump off.
24 Airline most of our internal flights are aboard.
26 What do you need to ask for if you want a Soft Drink?
27 What New York NFL team won this years NFL Championship?
28 New Jersey Airport where we leave for Vegas
29 Beach famous for Bodybuilding and Gymnastics.
31 Avenida Revolución is the famous main street of which city?
33 Which city is the Rock n' Roll Hall of Fame situated
35 What you need to ask for if you want a Lemonade
38 Seaworlds water park.
39 At Universal Studios Hollywood what launches out of the water towards the bus?
43 Which city is home to the University of Southern Florida
45 What animal is the associated the most with Disney?
47 The CN Tower is Located in which City?
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