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American Revolution Crossword Puzzle Answer

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American Revolution

Review on the the American Revolution

                            A     P         L        
                            C     A         O        
      S O N S O F L I B E R T Y   T         Y   C    
                  E               R         A   A    
                  X               I         L   N    
    B U N K E R H I L L           O         I   N    
                  N               T         S   O   G
                  G E O R G E W A S H I N G T O N   E
                  T                             S   R
                B O S T O N M A S S A C R E         M
                  N                             K   A
                  A M E R I C A N R E V O L U T I O N
E T H A N A L L E N                             N   T
                  D E L A W A R E R I V E R     G   O
                  C                             G   W
                B O S T O N T E A P A R T Y     E   N
                  N                             O    
      S T A M P A C T                           R    
                  O                 F   L       G    
                  R E P R E S E N T A T I O N   E    
                  D         U       R   B            
                            G       M   E            
                            A       E   R            
                            R       R   T            
                            A           Y            
Across Down
4 Did many acts of violence during the Revolution, like tar and feathering loyalists.
7 The British charged three times up this hill
9 Would soon become our first president
10 The name of the event where British soldiers killed 5 colonists
12 The shot hear around the world started this war
13 would lead the Green Mountain Boys to take Fort Ticonderoga
14 The rebels actually crossed this three times with George Washington
15 The Sons of Liberty were responsible for this event
16 This made colonist put postage on all documents
19 'No taxation without THIS'
1 This was the cause to the Boston Tea Party
2 Supporters of independence from England
3 Supporters of the King living in the colonies
5 The two cities that the war started in
6 Rebels wanted Fort Ticonderoga for this
8 Darn Fog!
11 The reigning King in England during the Revolution
17 George Washington's profession/job
18 Meaning freedom
20 Colonist were mad at this because it messed with the triangular trade
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