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Amphibians Crossword Puzzle Answer

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Find the words to this puzzle using the hints.

                                    A                           R   O              
                                    M             A   S   P     E   T              
                                    P             M   P   I     D   T              
                                    H             E   R   C     B   E              
                                    I             R   I   K     A   D              
                                    B             I   N   E     C   S              
                                    I             C   G   R     K   A M P L E X U S
                                    A             A   P   E     S   L              
                                    N             N   E   L     A   A              
                C                   S             T   E   F     L   M U D P U P P Y
                O                   K             O   P   R     A   A              
A M P H I B I A N       M           I             A   E   O     M   N              
                T     N O R T H E R N L E O P A R D F R O G     A   D              
                I       U                                       N   E              
          G     N       N O R T H E R N D U S K Y S A L A M A N D E R              
          R     U       T                                       E                  
          E     I   S   A M B Y S T O M A C O M P L E X E S   G R E E N F R O G    
          Y     N   A   I                                                          
          T     G   L   N O R T H E R N S L I M Y S A L A M A N D E R              
          R     T   A   D                                           A              
          E     H   M   U                                           V              
          E     R   A   S M A L L M O U T H S A L A M A N D E R     I              
          F     E   N   K                                           N              
          R     A   D   Y                                           E              
        F O U R T O E D S A L A M A N D E R                         S              
          G     S   R   A                                           A              
          S         S   L O N G T A I L E D S A L A M A N D E R     L              
    F       V     C     A                                           A              
T W O L I N E D S A L A M A N D E R                                 M              
    W       R     E     A                                     W     A              
    L       N     C     N O R T H E R N R E D S A L A M A N D E R   N              
    E       A     I     D                                     S     D              
    R       L     L   J E F F E R S O N S A L A M A N D E R   T     E              
    S       P     I     R   R     P       M     O         E   E     R              
    T       O     A         O     E       E     L         D   R                    
    O       O     N         G     R       R     E         E   N                    
    A       L     S         S     M       I     S         F   C                    
    D       S               A     A       C     A         T   H                    
                            N     T       A     L         S   O                    
                            D     A       N     A         T   R                    
                            T     P       B     M         A   U                    
                            O     H       U     A         G   S                    
                            A     O       L     N         E   F                    
                            D     R       L     D             R                    
                            S     E       F     E           W O O D F R O G        
                                          R     R             G                    
                                          O     S                                  
Across Down
7 A type of mating behavior exhibited by amphibians in which a male grasps a female with his front legs as part of the mating process, and at the same time or with some time delay, he fertilizes the female eggs as they are released from the body.
9 Gray or brown body, dark spots “13 inches. Permanently aquatic, retain red, bushy gills.
10 Two lives, vertebrate, ectothermic, cool, moist skin.
12 3.5 inches round or oval spots. Marshes, swamps, ponds, slow moving.
14 Extremely variable in coloration and pattern, tail keeled. Margins on streams and springs.
16 Unisexual salamanders can be diploid, triploid, tetraploid, or even pentaploid and may have 'mixed' genotypes of the  Small-mouth Salamander, Jefferson Salamander.
17 3.5 inches, dorsolated fold 1/2 way down back. Aquatic species - shores of lakes and ponds.
18 Black with small white speckles, produce sticky, glue substance. Under large objects on slopes of hills and ravines.
20 Gray or brown with lichen like blotches, short and narrow snout. Poorly drained swampy woodlands or floodplains.
21 Reddish-brown body, belly-enamel white with black spots. Live near pools with sphagnum (plants).
22 Yellow to bright orange, black spots, tail 65% of body length. Shale banks, beneath rocks at stream edge.
26 Greenish-yellow, often brighter yellow by tail, line down each side. Most common aquatic salamander in Ohio, under rocks at edge of streams.
28 Coral - red color with black spots. Terrestrial from spring - early summer, then return to water, found in or near springs.
29 Brown or gray. Well drained woodlands with vernal pools to breed.
35 1.5-2.75 inch, brown or tan, dark mask. Forest, vernal pool obligate species.
1 Bluish-black to grayish-brown with yellow spots. Well drained woodlands with vernal pools to breed.
2 Protects against abrasion and pathogens, respiratory membrane, absorbs and releases water, camouflage, and mucous glands keep skin moist.
3 3 color morphs, cinnamon, colored stripe, “lead back”, all red (not as common) Most common woodland salamander.
4 2.5—3 inches, Bumby skin, 1-2 warts per spot. Terrestrial, very common.
5 Common tree frog of moist woodlands.
6 2.75 - 3 inches, squarish spots, bright yellow groin and underside of legs. Forested ravines with rocky streams.
8 Forest fragmentation. Development and urbanization.
11 Mid-dorsal stripe, rounder tail. Hemlock ravines, under rocks at stream edge.
13 You will find them in trees and shrubs in woodlands, swamp and forests.
15 Long, skinny bodies with long tails 500+ species 25 in Ohio 15 in CMP
19 Dark gray gold or silver flecks, long and skinny “worm with legs”. Wooded slopes of valleys and ravines.
23 2-3 inches, dry, warty, skin and short legs. They are fairly small.
24 Relating to, or occurring in the spring Wetlands formed by depressions in forested areas. Typically hold water from later winter through early summer.
25 Legless, tailless tropical amphibians Range in size from 7 inches to 4.5 feet. Found in swampy places but typically burrow.
27 3 stripes down back and dark band from nose to back leg. Dense thickets, marshes and fields
30 Mainly carnivorous, short-bodied, tailless amphibians, 6500 species, 90 in US, 9 in CMP.
31 Spermatophores are tiny 'sperm packets' left by male salamanders on the bottoms of pools.
32 Ohio’s largest frog 6-7 inches, fold curves behind tympanum. Aquatic species - permanent bodies of water
33 Spend most of their time underground. Large, stout bodied.
34 Juvenile terrestrial stage lasts 2-5 years. Found during or after rain in daylight hours.
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